The Rock Tattoo Inspiration – Littered With Garbage

When searching for tattoos of The Rock, it was quite disheartening to see just how many people and their tattoo artists have completely disregarded one of the most important rules of tattooing: thou shalt not copy another artist’s tattoo.

This is disrespectful beyond belief – if we had any power we’d send The Rock off to lay the smackdown on the candy asses of all those who are guilty of tattoo copying.

The Rock’s tribal design – which covers his chest and the upper half of his left arm – is one that is far more personal than most; it is not just a tattoo, but an ode to his heritage, his ancestors, and the people in his life. The entire tattoo literally tells his story, so for someone to even think of ripping the tattoo off and recreating it… we have no words.

His newest piece, a cover-up done by Nikko Hurtado over several sessions and many hours, is one which has already been copied many times. The piece is a more elaborate bull to replace his old tattoo, and while it may not appear to be as personal, there’s more to the story. A bull has been a symbol of The Rock for decades and still should remain off limits.

We always implore you to get a custom design, because any tattoo artist willing to steal the artwork of another tattooer is not one which you should want to be tattooed by.

Enough of our ranting; let’s move onto these badass tattoos…

painterly-colour-realism-rock-portrait-tattoo-by-artofjondump-5976437 Painterly colour realism Rock portrait tattoo by @artofjondump Colour realism The Rock portrait tattoo by @vincevillalvazo Colour realism The Rock tattoo by @micksquires Healed black and grey The Rock abstract portrait tattoo by @ashlewistattoo Colour realism The Rock tattoo by @benjaminlaukis Black and grey The Rock tattoo by @bigtoons21 Stylised neo trad The Rock tattoo by @josh_todaro New school The Rock tattoo by @bulman_tattoons The Rock x Jesus tattoo by @honkeykonger The Rock x Popeye tattoo by @brittanykilsby

Updated: February 18, 2020

Traditional The Rock tattoo by @endless_matt_tbobs Colour realism The Rock portrait tattoo by @olegtattoo Blackwork The Rock and Danny DeVito tattoo by @suflanda