Top 25 ‘Dexter’ Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

Before being brilliantly portrayed by Michael C. Hall on the Showtime series, did you know that Dexter Morgan was initially a fictional character from Jeff Lindsay’s novel Darkly Dreaming Dexter?

While Dexter is based on a book series, it differs from the likes of Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, or Game of Thrones as only the first season was adapted for television; seasons 2-8 bear no resemblance to Lindsay’s work.

For those unfamiliar, Dexter became orphaned as a child when his mother was murdered and cut into pieces with a chainsaw. He was subsequently adopted by Harry Morgan, a Miami police officer, who moulded him into the man he would become. Dexter ended up working in law enforcement as a bloodstain pattern analyst and committed criminal acts on the side. The show follows Dexter as he hunts down and murders other murderers while remaining undetected – he literally served as judge, jury and executioner.

Dexter hit screens in 2006 and ran for 8 seasons and 96 episodes before concluding in 2013. In October 2020 it was announced that Dexter is set to return in late 2021 (much like Sex and the City) for a 10 episode limited series

If you enjoyed the television series it may interest you to read all eight Jeff Lindsay books and see his intentions for the Dexter character. Both the books and television series could serve as tattoo inspiration, as could the Dexter animated series, the limited comic books series, or even the various physical and digital games.

Keep scrolling to see our top 25 picks and think about the style, imagery, and artist you would select for your own Dexter tattoo.

blood-dexter-anrijsstraume-820x1024-4009138 Blood. Eyeless Dexter tattoo by @anrijsstraume neo-trad-dexter-tattoo-by-millhaustattoo-2911222 Neo trad Dexter tattoo by @millhaustattoo healed-black-and-grey-dexter-portrait-tattoo-by-perunov_dmitry-3934992 Healed black and grey Dexter portrait tattoo by @perunov_dmitry colour-realism-dexter-themed-sleeve-tattoo-by-hannah_tattoos-8396620 Colour realism Dexter themed sleeve tattoo by @hannah_tattoos dexter-kewpie-tattoo-by-madi_octavia-7250017 Dexter kewpie tattoo by @madi_octavia colour-realism-dexter-tattoo-by-tattoosbygonzo-3193713 Colour realism Dexter tattoo by @tattoosbygonzo dexter-alexrowntreetattoo-823x1024-1629559 Neo trad Dexter themed tattoo by @alexrowntreetattoo dexter-forearm-tattoo-by-rexys666-7475036 Dexter forearm tattoo by @rexys666 black-and-grey-and-red-traditional-style-dexter-tattoo-by-moira-ramone-9360144 Black and grey (and red) traditional style Dexter tattoo by @moira.ramone dexter-audie_tattoos-3816973 Blood splattered Dexter tattoo by @audie_tattoos mixed-style-collaboration-tattoo-by-marchateaux-and-porcalocatattoo-6222626 Mixed style collaboration tattoo by @marchateaux and @porcalocatattoo dexter-paulackertattoo-5570607 Dexter portrait tattoo by @paulackertattoo dexter-albaprietotattooart-1024x1015-8019774 Black and grey Dexter tattoo by @albaprietotattooart healed-dexter-jayjoree-819x1024-5134298 Healed faceless Dexter tattoo by @jayjoree colour-realism-dexter-tattoo-by-damienwickhamtattoo-9397532 Colour realism Dexter tattoo by @damienwickhamtattoo dissected-dexter-head-tattoo-by-kylevanstattoo-5475024 Dissected Dexter head tattoo by @kylevanstattoo dexter-markreedtattoos-3793228 Colour realism Dexter portrait tattoo by @markreedtattoos graphic-mixed-style-dexter-tattoo-by-jaredbent_tattoos-9699806 Graphic mixed style Dexter tattoo by @jaredbent_tattoos dark-trash-realism-dexter-morgan-tattoo-by-anrijsstraume-3758432 Dark trash realism Dexter Morgan tattoo by @anrijsstraume neo-trad-dexter-tattoo-by-sadee_glover-9797685 Neo trad Dexter tattoo by @sadee_glover painterly-colour-realism-dexter-portrait-tattoo-by-thirtink-5246462 Painterly colour realism Dexter portrait tattoo by @thirtink neo-trad-dexter-inspired-trinity-killer-hammer-blood-splatter-orchid-coritattoos-768x960-7708897 Neo trad Dexter inspired Trinity Killer hammer and blood splattered orchids tattoo by @coritattoos dexter-anrijsstraume-5153174 Another dark trash realism Dexter tattoo by @anrijsstraume stylised-neo-trad-dexter-themed-tattoo-by-timchildstattoo-3523857 Stylised neo trad Dexter themed tattoo by @timchildstattoo colour-realism-dexter-portrait-tattoo-by-chrismeighantattoo-8544318 Colour realism Dexter portrait tattoo by @chrismeighantattoo