New + Updated Posts: April 2021 – Littered With Garbage

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Cabbage Patch Kids Tattoo Inspiration

Cabbage Patch Kids tattoo by @sanae_kawaii

Top 8 Margarita Tattoos

Margarita tattoo by @j00lie

Top 10 Lizzo Tattoos

stylised-neo-trad-lizzo-tattoo-by-lucybluetattoo-9264864 Stylised neo trad Lizzo tattoo by @lucybluetattoo

Top 8 ‘Re-Animator’ Tattoos

Colour realism Re-Animator tattoo by @ell_torres_tattoos

Top 10 P!nk Tattoos

Dark trash realism Pink portrait tattoo by @anrijsstraume

Angel Cake Slices Tattoo Inspiration

Mr Kipling’s Angel Slice tattoo by @isobelmortontattoo

Top 5 ‘Married… with Children’ Tattoos

Colour realism Peg Bundy portrait tattoo by @yogi_barrett

Top 6 Twister Ice Lolly Tattoos

Cute Twister popsicle tattoo by @pixierobsontattoo

Top 15 ‘Lady and the Tramp’ Tattoos

Lady and the Tramp connecting hand tattoos by @tattoosbyjaclyn

Top 8 Mr. Sparkle Tattoos

Mr Sparkle tattoo by @dinkyink

Cheetos and Takis Tattoo Inspiration

Pusheen enjoying some Cheetos. Tattoo by @kellymcgrathart

Stupid Sexy Flanders Tattoos

Homer Simpson and stupid sexy Flanders tattoo by @stickypop

Churro Tattoo Inspiration

Churro and sparkly love heart tattoo by @meredithlittlesky

Cassowary Tattoo Inspiration

Neo trad cassowary tattoo by @eddylou

Top 15 Mr Meeseeks Tattoos

Mr Meeseeks foot tattoo by @brandoom

Top 12 Taylor Swift Tattoos

Colour realism Taylor Swift portrait tattoo by @tater_tatts

Top 5 Tiny Rick Tattoos

Morty and Tiny Rick tattoo by @casey_tattoos

Echidna Tattoo Inspiration

Floral wombat and echidna tattoo by @katweir

Spoopy Candy Heart Tattoos

Witch Please candy hearts tattoo by @kirabishoppp

Top 15 Thestral Tattoos

Neo trad Thestral and grim tea cup tattoo by @codydresser

Top 5 Grilled Cheese Sandwich Tattoos

Neo trad love heart grilled cheese sandwich tattoo by @taratimoon

Top 7 Evil Homer Tattoos

Evil Homer tattoo by @tattoos.by.steve

Candy Hearts Tattoo Inspiration

Floral candy hearts tattoo by @katietattoos

Absolutely Stunning Juno Birch Tattoos

Cute traditional Juno Birch tattoo by @lonerosetattoo

Top 5 Rik Mayall Tribute Tattoos

Stylised neo trad Rik Mayall portrait tattoo by @clareclarity

Top 8 Bubble O’Bill Tattoos

Illustrative lady and Bubble O’Bill ice cream tattoo by @onnieolearytattoo

Garlic Bread Tattoo Inspiration

Garlic bread and garlic bulb tattoo by @vlad_octavian_tattooist

Top 5 Tattoos of Disney Characters Enjoying a Dole Whip

Mickey Mouse at the Enchanted Tiki Room enjoying a Dole Whip. Tattoo by @ladychappelletattoos

‘Frasier’ Tattoo Inspiration

Eddie taking a nap. Frasier themed tattoo by @rhihusty

This ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous’ Tattoo is Killer

Drop Dead Gorgeous tattoo by @goldlagrimas

‘The Breakfast Club’ Tattoo Inspiration

Sparkly Breakfast Club silhouette tattoo by @littlerachtattoo

Concha Tattoo Inspiration

Traditional coffee and concha (Mexican sweet bread roll) tattoo by @robiscoffee

LWG’s Guide to WrestleMania-Worthy Tattoos

Colour realism Undertaker tattoo by @paulmarinotattoo

Top 10 Judge Judy Tattoos

Judge Judy tattoo by @rachelbaldwintattoo

Celebrate the 35th Anniversary of ‘Pretty in Pink’ with a Tattoo

Traditional Molly Ringwald (from Pretty in Pink) tattoo by @batsforbrains


Top 20 Australian Magpie Tattoos

Neo trad magpie tattoo by @drewshallis

Top 25 Pretzel Tattoos

Pretzel dragon tattoo by @ggtattoos

Top 7 Moe Szyslak Tattoos

Moe Szyslak tattoo by @bklynbeee on fellow tattooer @mfcunnington

‘The Nanny’ Tattoo Inspiration

Blackwork crosshatch The Nanny tattoo by @eddylou

LWG’s Guide to the Best British Biscuits and Baked Goods Tattoos