Star Wars Month: Tattoo Round-Up – Littered With Garbage

May has seen Littered With Garbage celebrate its one month anniversary and the publishing of 100 posts, of which 44 were part of Star Wars Month.

No longer do you have to trawl through tens of thousands of images on Instagram because the best Star Wars tattoos can be found right here. Click on the images below to take a closer look at each themed post from Star Wars Month.

Remember: Be Inspired. Never Copy.

Top 40 Star Wars Themed Tattoos
Top 15 Porg Tattoos
Top 30 Yoda Tattoos
Laugh At These Yoda Tattoos, You Will
Top 10 Boba Fett Tattoos
Top 15 Kylo Ren Tattoos
Luke Skywalker Tattoo Inspiration
Top 10 Admiral Ackbar Tattoos
Top 15 Ewok Tattoos
Top 10 Han Solo Tattoos
Top 25 Princess Leia Tattoos
Top 30 Lightsaber Tattoos
Top 10 BB-8 Tattoos
Top 15 R2-D2 Tattoos
Top 15 C-3PO Tattoos
Top 10 Darth Maul Tattoos
Padmé Amidala Tattoo Inspiration
General Grievous Tattoo Inspiration
Top 10 Chewbacca Tattoos
10 Chewbacca Tattoos With Atti-Chewed
Greedo Tattoo Inspiration
Imperial Guard Tattoo Inspiration
Bossk Tattoo Inspiration
Top 10 Rebel Alliance Symbol Tattoos
Jabba the Hutt Tattoo Inspiration
Darth Sidious Tattoo Inspiration
Rey Tattoo Inspiration
Tauntaun Tattoo Inspiration
Obi-Wan Kenobi Tattoo Inspiration
Top 10 Millennium Falcon Tattoos
Han Solo + Princess Leia Tattoos
Wampa Tattoo Inspiration
AT-AT Walker Tattoo Inspiration
Top 10 K-2SO Tattoos
Top 30 Silly + Strange Star Wars Tattoos
Top 30 Stormtrooper Tattoos
Jar Jar Binks Tattoo Inspiration
Top 10 X-wing Starfighter Tattoos
Star Wars Crossover Tattoos
Funny Darth Vader Tattoos
Top 10 Death Star Tattoos
Top 30 Darth Vader Tattoos
Top 10 TIE Fighter Tattoos
20 Cute Star Wars Tattoos