New + Updated Posts: January 2021 – Littered With Garbage

It’s a new year and we’re continuing with compiling all the new and updated posts for the month in the one place.

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‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’ Tattoo Inspiration

The Perks of Being a Wallflower movie inspired tattoo by @hanahelizabethtattoo

Top 25 ‘Courage the Cowardly Dog’ Tattoos

courage-the-cowardly-dog-tattoo-by-perjtattoo-9299516 Courage the Cowardly Dog tattoo by @perjtattoo

‘Spaceballs’ Tattoo Inspiration

Barf (Spaceballs) kewpie tattoo by @iamjimmyjam

Duffy and Friends x Halloween at Disney Tattoos

Halloween themed Duffy tattoo by @hannahmaitattoo

Top 10 Hagrid Tattoos

Blackwork Hagrid tattoo by @krissydiane_tattoos

Top 5 Nutella Tattoos

Graphic abstract Nutella tattoo by @mambotattooer

They’re Here! Our Top ‘Poltergeist’ Tattoo Picks

Poltergeist tattoo by @sam.nancy.tattoos

Absolutely Fabulous ‘Ab Fab’ Tattoos

Illustrative Patsy Stone tattoo by @lucylucyhorsehead

Top 10 Peo-Knee Tattoos

Blue peony knee tattoo by @abbiewilliamstattoo

Top 20 ‘Golden Girls’ Tattoos

The Golden Girls television tattoo by @davewahtattoos

My Chemical Romance Candy Heart Tattoos

My Chemical Romance candy hearts tattoo by @ashleyluka


Top 13 Robin Williams Tattoos

Neo trad Robin Williams portrait tattoo by @mindy_fach_tattoo

These Rose Family Tattoos are the Schitt!

Double exposure David Rose (Schitt’s Creek) tattoo by @jayjoree

Lenny and Carl Tattoo Inspiration

Lenny and Carl tattoos by @adrianmoralestattoo

The Rock Tattoo Inspiration

Colour realism The Rock tattoo by @benjaminlaukis

Brr! It’s Cold In Here! I Said There Must Be Some ‘Bring It On’ Tattoos In The Atmosphere!

Clovers male pinup tattoo by @bigboypinups

Christina Aguilera Tattoo Inspiration

Black and grey Christina Aguilera portrait tattoo by @theyoul

‘Heathers’ Tattoo Inspiration

Heathers themed hand tattoo by @ellisarchtattoo

Top 35 ‘Grease’ Tattoos

Traditional Sandy tattoo by @josh_todaro

Top 30 Barbie Tattoos

Colour realism Barbie tattoo by @freddiealbrighton

Willam Tattoo Inspiration

Stylised neo trad Willam portrait tattoo by @lucybluetattoo

Top 6 Professor McGonagall Tattoos

Professor McGonagall tattoo by @earthgrasper.

Top 7 ‘Broad City’ Tattoos

Broad City tarot card tattoo by @corijamestattoo

Top 20 Pickle Tattoos

Kawaii bunny and pickle tattoo by @hollietoldmeto

Top 20 ‘Hey Arnold!’ Tattoos

Helga and Arnold love heart tattoo by @illustday

Top 10 Cheesecake Tattoos

Dessert Over Dishonor. Cheesecake and dagger tattoo by @beekachuu

Top 40 ‘Friends’ Tattoos

Friends couch tattoo by @alexstrangler

Goldust Tattoo Inspiration

Goldust x Barbie = Goldie. Tattoo by @cohv_ink

Top 15 Selena Tribute Tattoos

Stylied Selena tattoo by @lele_ink

Autumnal Tattoo Inspiration

Autumnal mandala tattoo by @shannontattooer

Whitney Houston Tribute Tattoos

Black and grey Whitney Houston portrait tattoo by @veroniqueimbo

Top 10 Quokka Tattoos

Neo trad quokka tattoo by @dominic_achilles

Top 8 Shawn Michaels Tattoos

The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels tattoo by @alexgardnertattoo

Top 10 Fairy Bread Tattoos

Fairy bread tattoo by @melodycrowtattoos

Top 12 Bret Hart Tattoos

Bret Hart sucky panther tattoo by @darrylduncan

Top 35 ‘Rocko’s Modern Life’ Tattoos

Sparkly Rocko’s Modern Life tattoo by @rachelbaldwintattoo

Top 10 ‘Animal Crossing’ x Halloween Tattoos

Lucky (Animal Crossing) tattoo by @nick_sarich_tattooer

Top 10 No Doubt Tattoos

Stylised neo trad Gwen Stefani tattoo by @mashav_tattoo

Top 40 Roller Skate Tattoos

Roller skating waiter pinup tattoo by @bigboypinups

LWG’s Favourite Meme Tattoos

Bernie Sanders meme tattoo by @the_samazonian

Top 10 Maggie Simpson Tattoos

Maggie Simpson is just a stupid baby. Tattoo by @shell_valentine_tattoo