Top 15 Dalmatian Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

If you’ve ever searched tattoos on Pinterest you’ve likely seen your fair share of good, bad and ugly tattoos, along with some tattoo memes. One of the more amusing ones just so happens to feature a couple of dogs – it’s this image where a bull terrier is tattooing the spots on a dalmatian.

Dalmatians are born with plain white coats and don’t begin to develop their black spots until they’re three to four weeks of age. Those first weeks of their life can be compared to that of the first 18 years of our human lives; our skin is plain until we have the opportunity to decorate it. We don’t just develop tattoos on our skin – it takes time, money and pain, but once it is done we begin to feel more like our true selves.

A dalmatian tattoo doesn’t need to have this kind of back story, it can be as simple as the fact that you have (or once had) a dalmatian companion.

Have you spotted a tattoo that you like here? Remember: Be Inspired. Never Copy. Any reputable artist will create a unique dalmatian tattoo just for you. Who knows, somewhere down the line when there’s enough new dalmatian tattoos to create another post, you may see your own tattoo here!

Sorry to disappoint you if you were looking for 101 Dalmatians themed pieces here, but a whole heap of Disney themed posts will be coming to LWG later this year.

Neo trad dalmatian tattoo by @hanaaatattoo Cute stylised woman and dalmatian tattoo by @rachelbaldwintattoo Bold neo trad dalmatian tattoo by @clareclarity Black and grey realism dalmatian tattoo by @mamaberserker Neo trad dalmatian tattoo by @ericmoren0 Abstract black and grey realism dalmatian tattoo by @mikestatuering Stylised colour realism dalmatian tattoo by @ben_carlisle_tattooist Neo trad dalmatian tattoo by @braytontattoos Colourful geometric octopus and dalmatian tattoos by @karlmarks1 Neo trad dalmatian tattoo by @ericmoren0 Dalmatian and butterflies tattoo by @clareclarity Colour realism dalmatian tattoo by @glencarlosstattoo Cute floral dalmatian tattoo by @kirabishoppp Dalmatian tattoo by @ben_carlisle_tattooist Dalmatian tattoo by @clareclarity