A Tattoo Tribute to England’s Iconic Briefcase Wanker – Littered With Garbage

October will mark 10 years since the final episode aired of everyone’s favourite British high school comedy show, The Inbetweeners. In 2008 we were introduced to Will who was starting over at a new school and quickly became known as a “briefcase wanker” before becoming friends with Simon, Jay and Neil. Over the course of … Read more

Top 65 Toy Story Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

When Toy Story was released in 1995 it confirmed what we all suspected: that our toys come alive when we’re not looking. Woody and Buzz Lightyear, voiced by Tom Hanks and Tim Allen respectively, captured the hearts and imaginations of a generation of 90s kids, leading Toy Story to become one of the most successful … Read more

Black Lives Matter – Littered With Garbage

NOTE: We’ll soon be updating this post with more resources for those in the US, the UK and Australia – where the majority of our website traffic comes from. There aren’t enough words to describe the utter guttural sadness and anger we feel as yet another black person has been murdered by a police officer. … Read more

What We’re Currently Watching, Reading and Listening To – Littered With Garbage

The state of Victoria has re-entered Stage 3 restrictions once again due to a sudden spike in Covid-19 cases. We’ve lost count of how many weeks there are to go, as we’ve been doing anything to distract ourselves. For something a little different from our usual tattoo content, here’s what we’re currently watching, reading, and … Read more