2009 in Tattoos – Littered With Garbage

Having been relaunched a number of times over the years, 2009’s Strawberry Shortcake relaunch saw the character and her friends undergo a redesign. This was followed by new merchandise, and a film and a television show which rebooted the Strawberry Shortcake universe.


Stylised Strawberry Shortcake tattoo by @carly.kawaii

A remake of Friday the 13th hit cinemas in 2009. It was considered a re-imagining of the first four films in the franchise which saw Jason, rather than his mother, front and centre.


Colour realism Jason Voorhees tattoo by @micksquires

2009 saw the inaugural season of RuPaul’s Drag Race air on Logo TV.


Traditional style RuPaul tattoo by @missquartz

Fifteen years since Garfield and Friends ended, the always grumpy orange cat returned to our television screens on The Garfield Show.

Garfield and a cup of coffee. Tattoo by @dennisbebenroth

Monster Munch relaunched in 2009 with retro/original designs on its packaging.

Traditional Monster Munch crisps tattoo by @nickbaldwintattoo

GTL and Grenades became a part of the nation’s vocabulary due to the cast of the reality television show, Jersey Shore.

Jersey Shore note themed love heart tattoo by @pastelxghoul

Parks and Recreation premiered in 2009. The mockumentary sitcom was set in Pawnee, Indiana and followed the lives of the weird and wacky characters working in the city’s Parks department.


Abstract Ron Swanson tattoo by @fisherotattoo