200 Dogs And Counting… Puppy Portrait Tattoos by Mike Gibson (@gibb0o) – Littered With Garbage

From the bold lines to ensure your best friend will well and truly be with you forever, to the stylised neo trad shading to bring them to life on your skin; Mike Gibson aka. gibb0o has proven himself to be a tattoo master when it comes to pup portraits.

Having posted his 200th dog portrait tattoo just a few days ago it’s no surprise that Gibson’s work featured heavily during Dog Month back in 2018. We love how his stylised neo trad style really captures the essence of his clients’ best friend.

You’d be mistaken in thinking that dog tattoos is all Mike does, but his talents do extend to portraits of family members and celebrities, and other creatures from the animal kingdom; each as exquisite as the last and several have been previously featured on LWG.

Make 2020 the year you travel to Northern Reign in Leeds, UK to snag yourself a tattoo of your four-legged furry friend from @gibb0o.

If you go through Gibson’s entire Instagram profile you’ll find a further 130-plus images of the 200 dogs. For now, keep scrolling to see a few of our favourites…