10 Horror Tattoos Inspired by Dead Meat’s ‘Kill Count’ Series – Littered With Garbage

Hosted by James A. Janisse, Dead Meat is a horror movie YouTube channel with 3.3 million subscribers.

It all began with the Friday the 13th Kill Count episode on April 7, 2017 – now, two and half years later, the Dead Meat channel is well on its way to amassing one billion views.

Amongst the hundreds of videos, Dead Meat’s Kill Count series has covered all of the popular cult horror franchises such as Halloween, Child’s Play and Nightmare on Elm Street.

Growing up in Australia we were limited to watching what films were available at the local video store and, in subsequent years, whichever films were eventually released on DVD. Thanks to Dead Meat we’ve been introduced to a number of niche horror films and it has renewed our interest in the genre.

Despite the title, the Kill Count episodes are more than just detailing the deaths in horror films. Over the course of two years, James has managed to find the perfect balance of kills, comedy and behind the scenes trivia; we also enjoy the sporadic wrestling references thrown in.

When it came to September and we began updating our Halloween posts here on LWG, we took to Instagram in search of new horror tattoos from the past year. It was during this research phase that we noticed how people were opting for tattoos of more obscure horror movie characters.

We’ve compiled these ten tattoos of some of the lesser known and not yet cult classic films. One day, if enough people get tattooed, some of these films may get their own post.

We should clarify that these tattoos haven’t actually been inspired by the YouTube series. Rather, this list (and collection of tattoos) is inspired by films previously featured on the Kill Count.

Let us know in the comment section which tattoo is your favourite and click here for all of our Halloween tattoo content.

Now, let’s move on to the tattoos…

Watch: The Witch (2015) KILL COUNT

Colour realism Leprechaun coverup tattoo by @mihail_kogut