Zombie Tattoo Inspiration


Everyone loves a good zombie film or TV series. I’m sure that in years to come The Walking Dead will likely receive the cult classic status like that of Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, and even Shaun of the Dead.

As with anything popular these days, people are expressing their love for zombies through tattoos. So, why not zombify yourself this Halloween with your very own zombie tattoo?

Well, it will actually be there all year round, but if Halloween is your favourite holiday then you won’t mind having something gory tattooed on your body.

You could go the traditional zombie route with decaying flesh, a hint of skeleton, and some blood, or add some of these zombie characteristics to a celebrity, an animal, or even your very own child! You’ll find examples of all of these once you begin scrolling.

Zombies are always on the search for brains (and flesh), but we’re on the look out for even more zombie tattoos. Do you have one? Tag @litteredwithgarbage on Instagram and we might add it to the post!

Oh, and if you really are a huge fan of zombies, you’ll likely see more pop up during Halloween Month in some other film and television themed posts – follow us on Instagram to stay in the loop.



Colour realism zombie self portrait tattoo by @khailtattooer
Graffiti rockabilly zombie tattoo by @joshpeacock_obe1
Colour realism zombie tattoo by @audie_tattoos
Zombie puffin tattoo by @joshpeacock_obe1
New school zombie jack-o’-lantern tattoo by @scottymunster
Colour realism zombie tattoo by @brigitta_backside_tattoo
Traditional style zombie tattoo by @dan_gagne
Black and grey zombie tattoo by @beau_parkman_tattoo
Zombie Benjamin Franklin tattoo by @tattoosbybumer
Zombie Dita Von Teese tattoo by @tattoosbybumer
Zombie Elvis Presley tattoo by @andrewsmithtattoo
Zombie girl tattoo by @tattoosbybumer
Neo trad zombie woman tattoo by @mattcurzon
Zombie King sleeve by @justinacca
Realism zombie tattoo by @ron570tattoos
Zombie tattoo sleeve by @justinacca
Zombie unicorn tattoo by @tattoosbyanya


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