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Top 7 Evil Homer Tattoos

There’s a reason why the vast majority of Simpsons themed tattoos are inspired by the very early seasons of the series – the story lines are that iconic.

Evil Homer is the bad side of Homer’s consciousness and first popped up in the episode “Whacking Day” (Season 4 – Episode 20) along with Good Homer.

Every Simpsons fans can recall the tiny version of Homer dressed in a devil costume shaking maracas, singing “I am Evil Homer! I Am Evil Homer!” while dancing around Good Homer’s grave.

Being labelled as evil generally has such negative connotations, but we can feel safe in knowing that Evil Homer is only a part of Homer’s imagination and can never be considered in any way dangerous.

Evil Homer has made so few appearances on the show but made such an impact that tattoos of him exist.

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Please accept our apologies for the fact that you’ll now have “I am Evil Homer! I am Evil Homer!” on repeat in your head all day.

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