Top 6 Jay and Silent Bob Tattoos

Today we’re taking a trip to the View Askewniverse to check out the best Jay and Silent Bob tattoos the internet has to offer.

Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes as Silent Bob and Jay respectively, first appeared in Clerks (1994) and have since featured in eight films (one an animated comedy), with the most recent being the newly released Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.

The characters have been included in video games, comics, and Clerks: The Animated Series; as a fan of this foul-mouthed, chain-smoking, pot dealing duo, you probably knew all of that, right?

If you’re unable to catch Smith and Mewes on their promotional tour, a tattoo could be the next best thing. From colour realism to kewpies – we’ve got you covered.

For a more extensive collection of tattoo artists, check out the posts in our movie category; any one of them can create a custom design for you and tattoo it, too!

As always, remember: Be Inspired. Never Copy.

Colour realism Jay and Silent Bob portrait tattoos by @amyedwardstattoo
Faceless double exposure Jay and Silent Bob tattoos by @jayjoree
Jay and Silent Bob kewpies tattoo by @staceymartintattoos
Stylised Jay and Silent Bob tattoo by @mileskanne
Abstract Jay and Silent Bob tattoos by @thedavidcote
Stylised neo trad Jay and Silent Bob tattoo by @danmawdsley_tattoo

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