The Simpsons

Top 30 Tattoos to Celebrate ‘The Simpsons’ Turning 30

True fans know that the Simpson family first hit television screens in a series of shorts on The Tracey Ullman Show, but it is December 17 which marks 30 years since The Simpsons animated sitcom was first broadcast.

We have spent these past few weeks trawling through all things Simpsons hashtags on Instagram. Many hours and tens of thousands of images later, we’ve collected hundreds of the best tattoos and agonised over putting this top 30 list together.

After 31 seasons and 672 episodes there is a huge array of characters and story lines to inspire your Simpsons tattoo concept.

Do you want more Simpsons tattoos? We’ll be sharing more in the new year, with individual posts for all of your favourite characters. Follow us on Instagram @litteredwithgarbage to keep up to date.

Homer Simpson surrounded by donuts. Tattoo by @michellemaddison
Marge Simpson tattoo by @shell_valentine_tattoo
Homer Simpson’s car tattoo by @happykane_
Skateboarding Bart Simpson tattoo by @alexstrangler
Bart and Lisa Simpson tattoos by @troyslackink
Friends not food. Lisa Simpson tattoo by @dollytattoos
Maggie Simpson and her teddy bear. Tattoo by @alexstrangler
Grampa Simpson and lemon tree tattoo by @lizatattoos
Glitter and loves hearts Patty and Selma tattoo by @stephanie_melbourne
Groundskeeper Willie tattoo by @samilocke
Milhouse tattoo by
Martin Prince tattoo by @carlybaggins
Homer Simpson and gummy Venus de Milo tattoo by @whisperstattoo
Ralph Wiggum tattoo by @nicole_draeger
Otto tattoo by @paulacastletattoos
Itchy and Scratchy tattoos by @joshhermantattoo
Kang and Kodos tattoo by @ashleyluka
Blinky the Three-Eyed Fish tattoo by @paulacastletattoos
Malibu Stacy tattoo by @gooneytoons
Moe tattoo by @samilocke
Stupid sexy Flanders tattoo by @stickypop
Mr Burns tattoo by @troyslackink
Sideshow Bob and Cecil tattoo by @bootattoo89
Floral Troy McClure tattoo by @alexstrangler
Barney Gumble inspecting a tribal piece. Tattoo by @dennisbebenroth
Doctor Nick and Lionel Hutz tattoo by @matdoestats
Mr Sparkle tattoo by @dinkyink
Bret Hart x Simpsons tattoo by @nagle_tattoo
Gil Gunderson tattoo by @xinaxiii
Spoopy Krusty the Clown x Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror tattoo by @keelyglitters