Star Wars

Top 30 Silly and Strange ‘Star Wars’ Tattoos

There aren’t enough words to describe or explain the levels of silliness and strangeness of some of these tattoos – LWG will leave that up to you. However, one thing is guaranteed with this post: you certainly won’t find a collection of more unique Star Wars tattoos anywhere else.

If, after looking at these pieces, you’re looking for even more humorous Star Wars themed tattoos, make sure to check out these Yoda tattoos and these Chewbacca tattoos.

A word of warning before you get to scrolling, the final tattoo is definitely NSFW!

Traditional style pineapple C-3PO tattoo by @maikelektro
Hawaiian shirt clad Chewbacca tattoo by @flying.chameleon
Neo trad C-3PO and BB-8 basketball themed tattoo by @bubutattooine
Boba Fett mariachi trumpet player tattoo by @tattoocave
AT-AT ice cream truck tattoo by @chase_tattoos
Egyptian mummy themed Stormtrooper tattoo by @perjtattoo
Traditional style Jabba tattoo by @thisisalexheart
Stylised pizza Millennium Falcon tattoo by @karambatattoo
New school Christmas themed BB-8 tattoo by @timmy_b_413
Lego Darth Vader tattoo by @seangardnerisawesome
New school Darth Maul zombie tattoo by @jeffreywortham
Neo trad sloth Boba Fett tattoo by @krishtattoo
Boba Fett PEZ themed tattoo by @mildishhambino
Stormtrooper popsicle tattoo by @buschinski
Traditional style Yoda pumpkin head tattoo by @jeffreywortham
New school skateboarding Darth Maul tattoo by @tattoozach
New School Yoda, BB-8 and Darth Vader themed basketball tattoo by @douglasscherertattoo
New school toothy Darth Vader tattoo by @joshpeacock_obe1
Abstract stylised BB-8 ice cream cone tattoo by @lee_reynolds_tattoo
Traditional style bandanna clad Chewbacca tattoo by @steve_wildrabbit
Neo trad Porg and BB-8 mash-up tattoo by @xmikexmaddox
Jabba the Hutt cupcake tattoo by @tattoosbynickp
Stormtrooper caught out in a storm. Tattoo by @scottymunster
R2-D2 and C-3PO themed cupcake and ice cream tattoos by @teawulfe
Neo trad rose, pizza and Jar Jar Binks tattoo by @jdragon503
Stylised Lego Boba Fett tattoo by @rkane
Neo trad Acktopuss (octopus Admiral Ackbar) tattoo by @johancrookedmoon
New school Beastie Boys styled C-3PO, BB-8 and R2-D2 tattoo by @joshpeacock_obe1
Neo trad dapper gentleman Chewbacca tattoo by Birdy at @speakeasytattooparlour
NSFW dick and balls Boba Fett and Han Solo in Carbonite tattoo by @painfulreminders

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