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Top 30 Narwhal Tattoos


The narwhal, or narwhale, is a sea-dwelling animal from the same family as the beluga whale. Narwhals can live up to 50 years and will spend the majority of their life in the Arctic waters of Canada, Greenland and Russia.

The way in which the narwhal gained its named is rather morbid. Nár is an Old Norse word that means “corpse” and relates to the animal’s mottled grey appearance, like that of a drowned sailor. Although, digging a little deeper, the nár in narwhal is also rather befitting to the animal.

Non-human related deaths of narwhals are due to falling prey to polar bears and orcas, but (even more tragic) when the sea freezes over, they can become trapped under an impenetrable layer of ice and suffocate.

Narwhals are often referred to as the unicorns of the sea – this harkens back to the medieval Europeans who believed the animal’s tusks to be the horns from unicorns. Generally, only the male narwhals have a tusk which is actually an upper canine tooth that grows through the lip; these tusks can grow from 1.5m to 3.1m in length. This long-held belief has certainly influenced the design of narwhals in tattooing as so many of these pieces include pastel colours, sparkly elements, or are in the kawaii style.

If you’re looking for even more of a unique or different type of narwhal tattoo, there are a few options: you could opt for a tusk-less female narwhal; alternatively, 15% of the female narwhal popular do grow a tusk, although the tusk in your tattoo would be considerably smaller; and, finally, you may settle on a double-tusked narwhal which is something that occurs in only 1 in 500 male narwhals.

What style and colour palette will you choose for your own narwhal tattoo?


Pool party narwhal tattoo by @rhihusty
New school vampie narwhal tattoo by @adamaguastattoos
New school narwhal tattoo by @allisintattoos
Narwhal pin-up tattoo by @chelseashoneck
Neo trad narwhal tattoo by @katieloutattoo
Neo trad narwhal tattoo by @jodydawber
Battling narwhals chest piece by @darylwatsontattoo
Kawaii narwhal, seashell and octopus tattoos by @rachelbaldwintattoo
Narwhal tattoo by @megonshoreclay
Narwhal being abducted tattoo by @stephthehuman
Kewpie in a narwhal costume. Skin rip tattoo by @staceymartintattoos
Floral crown clad narwhal tattoo by @rhihusty
Traditional narwhal tattoo by @ryanxmcd
Narwhal tattoo by @katietattoos
Cute traditional style narwhal tattoo by @firefly89
Narwhal and skull tattoo by @dearchels
Cute traditional narwhal tattoo by @carolinederwenttattoo
Cute floral framed narwhal tattoo by @caroline_hgtc
Sparkly kawaii narwhal ice cream cone tattoo by @keelyglitters
Cute narwhal tattoo by @samilocke
Bold sparkly narwhal tattoo by @mizmeltattoos
Kawaii neo trad narwhal tattoo by @carly.kawaii
Cute neo trad narwhal tattoo by @morguettetattoo
Cute narwhal tattoo by @sknapp_tattoos
Colourful illustrative narwhal tattoo by @lilianraya
Abstract geometric narwhal tattoo by @briangeckleart
Shell and narwhal tattoo by @jamescumberland
Sparkly rainbow narwhal tattoo by @tattooyauu
Cute sparkly narwhal tattoo by @carolinederwenttattoo
Psychedelic narwhal tattoo by @missquartz

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