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Top 30 Corgi Tattoos

With possibly the cutest dog butt out of all the dog breeds, you’ll find your corgi butt obsession sufficiently satisfied by some of the tattoos in this post. For those of you more concerned about the face or style of a corgi tattoo, there’s plenty of inspiration here for you, too.

When it comes to the thousands of cat and dog tattoos on Instagram, the majority of them are of another person’s actual pet. So, what if you don’t have a dog of your own but you really want to add a dog to your tattoo collection?

Go for it! Dogs shouldn’t be off-limits and it’s like having that doggy companion you’ve always wanted but circumstances haven’t allowed.

If you’re after a realistic or neo trad tattoo then we suggest taking your own photos of a friend’s corgi (or whatever breed it may be), or having your tattoo artist combine the characteristics or colouring of several corgi reference images. If you prefer the new school or cartoon style for your corgi tattoo then you needn’t worry because your tattoo will look nothing like some random person’s corgi.

Use these 30 corgi tattoos as inspiration, but like we always say: Be Inspired. Never Copy. 

@tattoosbyjaclyn did this portrait of @tyrion.the.corgi in Lannister armor
Neo trad corgi-goldfish tattoo by @megonshoreclay
Sketchy illustrative corgi tattoo by @mad_louie
Neo trad illustrative corgi tattoo by @samreadtattoos
New school cartoon corgi tattoo by @matthenegartattoo
Illustrative neo trad corgi tattoo by @tuulaaikioniemitattoos
Sketchy neo trad corgi tattoo by @samtysontattoos
New school rocket corgi tattoo by @taraquinntattoos
Neo trad floral corgi tattoo by @stewbiscuit
Neo trad stylised corgi tattoo by @eva_jean
Neo trad stylised corgi tattoo by @msjulink
Bold neo trad corgi tattoo by @katietattoos
Cute illustrative corgi tattoo by @heartandsjel_ink
Hufflepuff corgi tattoo by @findyoursmile
Colour realism David Bowie corgi tattoo by @billytoler
New school Motley Crue themed corgi tattoo by @lindsaybugbaker
Painterly colour realism corgi tattoo by @zombieservo
Graphic blackwork corgi tattoo by @hugotattooer
Graphic neo trad corgi tattoo by @mad_louie
Look at those corgi butts! Tattoos by @tattoosbyloorin
Traditional style corgi tattoo by @kkaarriissaannee
Bilbo the corgi tattoo by @steveokertattoos
Pickles the corgi. Tattoo by @angela.emr_tattoos
Stylised neo trad party corgi tattoo by @sadee_glover
Corgi portrait tattoo by @stabbygabby
Corgi and blueberries tattoo by @lindsayraecarter
Cute corgi in Amsterdam. Tattoo by @slonenkotattoo
Corgi and berries tattoo by @pooka
Peanut Butter and Waffles the corgis. Tattoo by @mileskanne
Dwight the Corgi tattoo by @chase.wimer

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