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Top 15 Marshmallow Tattoos

As yet another beloved food item, marshmallows have their own dedicated food day –  May 18 is National Marshmallow Day. We’re a few weeks late, but let’s celebrate with some marshmallow tattoos anyway.

Super sweet and oh so squishy, marshmallows have a way of bringing back happy memories for many of us.

For you, it may be camping trips with family or friends, sitting around a campfire and toasting marshmallows to make s’mores. For others, you may think about cozying up in front of the fire, on a cold Winter’s evening, and enjoying a hot chocolate topped with as many marshmallows you can fit in your mug.

When it comes to a tattoo, there are so many ways in which to encapsulate these warm and fuzzy memories of marshmallows. Here are the top 15 to inspire your own piece.

Sheet ghost roasting marshmallows tattoo by @aelliott2
Kawaii sugar cookies, hot chocolate and marshmallows tattoo by @karenawesom
Kawaii marshmallow tattoo by @meredithlittlesky
Neo trad snowman toasting a marshmallow. Tattoo by @amalieink
Toasted marshmallow tattoo by @henri.howard
Pastel marshmallow tattoo by @littlerachtattoo
Toasted marshmallow tattoo by @meredithlittlesky
Neo trad magpie and marshmallows tattoo by @melikovacs
Traditional style camping scene and marshmallows tattoo by @robotlovenoises
Sparkly marshmallow and sweet treats tattoo by @keelyglitters
Angry marshmallow tattoo by @adrianartattoo
Sparkly toasted marshmallow tattoo by @williamlloydtattoo
Marshmallow lollipop tattoo by @slonenkotattoo
Great Perenese dog and toasted marshmallows tattoo by @kylevanstattoo
S’mores gap filler tattoo by @kadehydrated

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