Top 15 Wrestling Tribute Tattoos

We’ve already shared the best tattoos of some dearly departed figures from wrestling but, as Wrestling Month comes to an end, we wanted to show our respects to some more of the greats who are gone but certainly not forgotten.

While some still poke fun at wrestling fans, there’s nothing more touching than a wrestling tribute tattoo. A tattoo is an opportunity to take a photograph (or particular elements) of a wrestler and combine it with your preferred tattoo style in order to produce a piece which brings back such wonderful memories.

As time goes on, what once was a tattoo of your favourite wrestler may turn into a tribute piece, so make it a good one!

Graphic abstract Rick Rude tattoo by @__roy.g.biv__
George “The Animal” Steele kewpie tattoo by @shawnpattontattooer
Traditional Eddie Guerrero themed cross and banner tattoo by @data81
Piper’s Pit shield tattoo by @xbenstubbsx
New school Andre the Giant and Mean Gene tattoo by @nathanevans32
Neo trad Paul Bearer tattoo by @graemeburke
Illustrative Owen Hart tattoo by @wavetattoos
Black and grey Doink the Clown portrait tattoo by @sonnymitchellta2
Dusty Rhodes themed tattoo by @aspraguetattoo
Traditional Bobby “The Brain” Heenan tattoo by @kevinlearytattoo
Traditional Bam Bam Bigelow tattoo by @tattoosbyredbeard
Colour realism Eddie Guerrero tattoo by @artofbuduo
Dusty Rhodes tribute tattoo by @deadcaliforniapct
Traditional style Rick Rude tattoo by @vikingashley
Andre the Giant tattoo by @wesvaughntattoo

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