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Top 15 Pickle Tattoos

If you clicked on this post and were hoping for some Pickle Rick pieces, we’re sorry to disappoint but just know that we are working on some Rick + Morty posts to celebrate the new season.

These pickle tattoos are here to celebrate National Pickle Day on November 14.

There are two types of people in the world: those who remove pickles from their burgers or those who can quite happily consume an entire jar of pickles and call it a meal. There is no in-between. If you’re part of the latter group then maybe you should consider getting a tattoo to express your love for briney cucumbers.

So grab some of your favourite pickles and take a look at the tattoos below.

Traditional style jar of pickles tattoo by @j00lie
Sparkly pastel pickle tattoo by @kellymcgrathart
Kawaii pickle tattoo by @thanksaanderton
Neo trad jar of pickles tattoo by @katreenr
Kawaii whiskey and pickle love heart tattoo by @sanae_kawaii
Pickle, horseradish and beet tattoo by @jennifertroktattoos
Baby sized pickle tattoo by @robotlovenoises
Colour realism pickle tattoo by @lukalajoie
Cute pickle tattoo by @karolina.sylwia
Illustrative kawaii pickle tattoo by @laurenapriltattoo

Updated: March 24, 2020

Pickle slices tattoo by @sadboykurt
Cool pickle tattoo by @katweir
Pickle love tattoo by @kirabishoppp
Jar of pickles tattoo by @grechatattoo
Graphic pickle tattoo by @kadehydrated