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Top 15 Orca Tattoos


The orca is one of 73 toothed whale species and part of the oceanic dolphin family. They’re found in waters across the globe, from tropical seas to the Arctic and Antarctic – just like some of the other animals featured during Winter Month.

In the wild, orcas are social animals that have their own complex social societies similar to that of elephants. They’re playful, intelligent animals that can live up to 90 years.

Orcas are more commonly referred to as killer whales as they are literal killers; they’re apex predators meaning that they are the prey of no other animal. These animals are badass and deserve to live free, roaming the oceans as they so please.

There are ways in which to appreciate these animals without keeping them contained in tiny tanks for the public’s amusement, and a tattoo is one of them. Maybe you’ll find some inspiration (or a tattoo artist) in the 15 tattoos below, or in any of our other animal posts.

As always, remember: Be Inspired. Never Copy.



Abstract neo trad double exposure orca and woman tattoo by @deboracherrys
Healed colour realism orca tattoo cover up by @jensatheavenlyink
Neo trad orcas tattoo by @atelierkaninchenbau
Orca tattoo cover up by @javierfranko
Watercolour orca tattoo by @zzt_tattoo
Neo trad orca in a bottle tattoo by @j00lie
Floral orca tattoo by @kellymcgrathart
Blackwork orca tattoo by @bunzsfanclub
New school toothy orca tattoo by @joshpeacock_obe1
Orca tattoo by @kaynesherwood
Illustrative orca and skeletons tattoo by @alextoniato
Japanese style orca sleeve tattoo by @ninjamie_tattoo
Blackwork orca and filigree tattoo by @ung_art
Neo trad orca tattoo by @irisjasperse
Floral orca tattoo by @leeya_tattoo

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