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Top 15 Garfield Tattoos

Legendary cartoonist, Jim Davis grew up on a farm with 25 cats. Do you think that inspired his work in any way?

Davis’ most well-known cartoon strip was originally titled Jon in 1976 but was changed to Garfield when the strip went into nationwide syndication in 1978. Garfield has since been printed daily since June 19, 1978.

Garfield is known for being a manipulative cat that loves coffee and food (lasagne in particular), but hates Mondays and diets. When he’s not constantly insulting his owner, Jon Arbuckle, hes’ kicking Odie the beagle off the table, or mailing Nermal the cat to Abu Dhabi.

In the past 40-plus years, Garfield has won the hearts of many around the world, making billions in merchandise, and made the leap from the pages of a newspaper to television and the cinema.

There have been two television series: Garfield + Friends (1988 – 1994, 7 seasons and 121 episodes) and The Garfield Show (2009 – 2016, 5 seasons and 109 episodes). Of the five live-action CGI Garfield films, only the first two received theatrical releases.

Nickelodeon recently announced a new Garfield series, but few details have been released.

When researching for this post, we weren’t expected to find so many Garfield tattoos, and ones which differ so greatly from one another – we always enjoy the creativity of people and their tattoo artists when it comes to the same character.

Matching sibling or friends tattoos would work great, with one of you getting Garfield, and the other getting either Odie or Nermal – or all of them if there’s three of you.

Keep scrolling and get ready to over-indulge on tattoos like Garfield does with lasagne.

Garfield enjoying a cup of coffee. Tattoo by @missquartz
Garfield hates Mondays. Tattoo by @lozmatronn
When Garfield is hungry he’ll eat anything – even a tribal tattoo. Tattoo by @dennisbebenroth
Garfield kewpie tattoo by @staceymartintattoos
Traditional style Garfield popsicle tattoo by @castorraubadleroriginalo
Sparkly Garfield tattoo by @bubblegum.tattoos
Garfield chilling against a tribal tattoo. Tattoo by @dennisbebenroth
Sketchy watercolour Garfield tattoo by @findyoursmile
Garfield and Pooky tattoo by @ctptattoo
Garfield tattoo by @silkywilsontattoos
Mixed style Garfield tattoo by @matruletattoo
ALF x Garfield tattoo by @dennisbebenroth
Garfield and a cup of coffee. Tattoo by @dennisbebenroth
Garfield x Carmen Miranda tattoo by @vanessaharpertattoo
Garfield hugging a tribal tattoo. Tattoo by @dennisbebenroth

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