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Top 15 Galah Tattoos

We’re not done with cockatoo tattoos just yet!

A bird of many names, this pink and grey coloured cockatoo species is more commonly referred to as a galah Рa named derived from the Yuwaalaraay word gilaa.  Since their introduction to Tasmania, galahs are now found all across Australia.

To refer to someone as a galah is to say that they’re an idiot or a fool. The phrase “flaming galah” is synonymous with the character, Alf Stewart on the Australian television soap opera Home and Away.

Wanting a galah tattoo doesn’t make you a fool, but choosing the wrong tattooist or copying the tattoos below sure will!

Healed galah tattoo by @laurenfoxtattoo
Neo trad galah and wattle tattoo by @drewshallis
Galah tattoo by @sophiebeanstattoo
Galah and love heart tattoo by @filthyswede
Cute little galah tattoo by @missquartz
Traditional style galah tattoo by @avalontattoo
Cute cartoon galah tattoo by @pengitattoo
Wattle and galah tattoo by @epicterror
Illustrative peony and galah tattoo by @epicterror
Galah and flowers tattoo by @drea.darling
Neo trad galahs tattoo by @clareclarity
Neo trad galah tattoo by @adrian_hing_tattoo
Galah tattoo by @zerotattoos
Neo trad galah tattoo by @alimanners
This flaming galah tattoo by @mjforrest_ is giving us Alf Stewart (Home and Away) vibes

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