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Top 15 Carrot Tattoos


There’s no Bugs Bunny to be found here, just his favourite food: carrots

Carrots are a variety of a root vegetable, that can naturally occur in colours (other than orange) such as purple, black, red, white, and yellow. This wide range of colours can lend itself so well to tattoos, as any one of these will compliment nicely with your existing pieces.

When searching for tattoos of carrots on Instagram, we came across the vegetable in many different styles, so you should be pleased with this selection of 15 tattoos.

A carrot tattoo can simply be an image of a carrot, or you may choose to be a bit more creative – either option is completely fine. Add some more colour to your carrot by tattoo by including a few colour variations, by pairing the carrot with other fruits and vegetables, or something slightly more abstract by settling on a completely unnatural colour for the carrots.


Beetroot and carrot tattoo by @peteraurisch
Purple carrot tattoo by @mizmeltattoos
Cute carrot tattoo by @meredithlittlesky
Traditional style carrot tattoo by @steviepee!
Kawaii carrot and sushi tattoos by @tattoosbymeri
Traditional carrot and banner tattoo by @atomlenhart
Graphic abstract carrot tattoo by @kudutattoo
Neo trad skin cut carrot tattoo by @liana_joy
Bold graphic celery, carrot and onion tattoo by @mambotattooer
Sparkly kawaii carrot tattoo by @keelyglitters
Kawaii carrot and peas in a pod tattoo by @dollytattoos
Blackwork carrot tattoo by @eddylou
Graphic carrot tattoo by @mambotattooer
Graphic abstract carrot and chameleon tattoo by @kudutattoo
Neo trad carrot tattoo by @jessica.mach

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