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Top 15 Beagle Tattoos

Beagle-type dogs are thought to have existed for over 2,500 years, tracing all the way back to Ancient Greece. While the role of beagles in hunting has diminished significantly over the years, they’re now predominantly found in homes across the world as beloved human companions.

Your love for beagles and tattoos has likely brought you here, so in return we’ve tracked down the top 15 beagle tattoos. And, when it comes to tattoos the hunt is always on for the perfect tattoo artist – that very artist might be featured here (or elsewhere on LWG). Snuggle up with your doggy pal and start imagining what type of beagle tattoo you’d like.

Cute new school beagle tattoo by @casey_tattoos

Neo trad beagle mix tattoo by @clareclarity

Cute, bold and sparkly Robin Hood themed beagle tattoo by @pengitattoo

Sketchy watercolour beagle patronus tattoo by @josiesexton

Neo trad beagle tattoo by @tomwagstaff

Stylised neo trad beagle tattoo by @bock_city

Neo trad beagle tattoo by @samanthatattoo

Styled realism beagle tattoo by @enriklefrik

Beagle kewpie tattoo by @staceymartintattoos

Regal beagle tattoo by @kshocs

Detective beagle tattoo by @laurenjaynegow

Abstract watercolour beagle tattoo by @florgtizon

Colour realism beagle tattoo by @justintattooart

Black and grey realism beagle tattoo by @sameer.patange

New school beagle tattoo by @daniel_velascoart

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