Top 10 Vampire Themed Tattoos


The eighth and final post in our vampire series, and one of the last posts in Halloween Month, these tattoos are inspired by vampire imagery and even include some famous faces such as Brad Pitt and Eddie Murphy.

For centuries we’ve been transfixed by the tales of vampires, and have either been filled with fear or found ourselves intrigued by the thought of them.

In popular culture vampires have taken on different forms, names, features and fangs, and the original mythology altered in books, films, and television shows enabling the story to be retold in new and interesting ways.

There is no right or wrong way to portray a vampire in your tattoo, so have some fun and get creative with it!


Neo trad vampire hand and glass of blood tattoo by @therichwren
Colour realism Eddie Murphy (Vampire in Brooklyn) tattoo by @paulackertattoo
Traditional vampire and coffin tattoo by @dan_gagne
Illustrative neo trad vampire tattoo by @therichwren
Neo trad vampire babe tattoo by @lucybluetattoo
Neo trad vampire cat tattoo by @epicterror
Traditional style vampire tattoo by @dan_gagne
New school vampire and bat tattoo by @kellydotylovessoup
Traditional bloody vampire tattoo by @dan_gagne
Colour realism Louis (Interview with a Vampire) tattoo by @paulmarino917

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