Harry Potter

Top 10 Severus Snape Tattoos

Of all the characters in the Harry Potter universe, J.K. Rowling has stated that Snape was one of her favourite characters to write. 

Professor Severus Snape was Head of Slytherin house for 16 years, and Headmaster of Hogwarts for just one year before being killed by Voldemort’s snake, Nagini.

Given Alan Rickman’s passing in 2016, a Snape tattoo may act as a memorial tattoo in addition to celebrating your love of Harry Potter. Don’t feel like Snape when he would think of Lily Potter; find the right tattoo artist and you won’t ever lust after another’s Severus Snape tattoo. 

Remember, a tattoo will be with you… always. 

Dark trash realism Severus Snape tattoo by @anrijsstraume

Colour realism Severus Snape portrait tattoo by @mariusz_r_tattoos

Abstract watercolour and neo trad Severus Snape tattoo by @livingshadowstattoos

Painterly colour realism Severus Snape tattoo by @rexys666

New school Severus Snape tattoo by @amylynn.colson

Black and grey realism Severus Snape tattoo by @drewshallis

Blackwork Severus Snape and deer tattoo by @bexpriesttattoos

Neo trad tattoo of Severus Snape as a cat by @chelseashoneck

Painterly colour realism Patronus and Severus Snape tattoo by @val_tatboo

Abstract black and colour Severus Snape tattoo by @littleandytattoo

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