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Top 10 Provocative Tattoos by Onnie O’Leary

NSFW tattoos are one trend that appears to be going nowhere. No matter your feelings about them, there are some artists who specialise in some kinky and downright sexy tattoos. This form of self-expression echoes what we wrote recently – that no matter the imagery,  you should be able to appreciate the vision and the application of a tattoo.

If you’ve ever delved into the world of NSFW tattoos on Instagram you’ll find that many of the tattooers are located in Europe or North America. If you live in Australia, do we have a surprise for you today. No longer do you have to lust over the tattoos of others, because you can get one of your own.

Head to TLD Tattoo in Sydney and ask for Onnie O’Leary. Much of Onnie’s work is sexy and provocative, and produced in her signature colourful and illustrative style. She’s certainly found her niche in the Australian tattooing scene.

Onnie’s impressive 160,000-plus followers on Instagram is a testament to the interest and demand for thematic, provocative, and truly self-expressive tattoos. While they’re not everyone’s cup of tea, it’s always great to see people connecting with tattooers who produce the type of art that they personally enjoy.

Her pieces are graphic and bold, with colour gradient shading in red and orange or blue and green – it reminds us a little of these tattoos by Ry Tang. Then there’s the often solid black backgrounds, and the negative space and skin breaks for hair which provide an aesthetically pleasing stark contrast.

While Onnie draws inspiration from the female form, Japanese entities, and fairy tales, it is her client’s who hold onto the true meaning of the piece. Onnie told Konbibi that her tattoos “…might tell a story but only the wearer can read it, other people looking on it have to wonder what these tattoos are about.” Tattoos are a personal thing, and none more so than the ones you’re about to see.

Enough with the teasing, onto the tattoos!

Choking love by @onnieolearytattoo
Thinking of you by @onnieolearytattoo
What’s for dinner? by @onnieolearytattoo
Witchy babe by @onnieolearytattoo
Kinky by @onnieolearytattoo
Naga (Japanese snake woman) by @onnieolearytattoo
Axe woman by @onnieolearytattoo
69 by @onnieolearytattoo
Cheeky red riding hood by @onnieolearytattoo
Boobs by @onnieolearytattoo

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