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Top 10 Nacho Tattoos

December 6 is National Nacho Day and this Simpsons moment immediately came to mind.

If you know what we’re referring to, you’ll be happy to know that Homer Simpson and his glorious hat are featured in this list.

For something as simple as nachos, these ten tattoos are all creative and unique in their own right. There also happens to be a subtle reference to Step Brothers and a more obvious ode to Beavis and Butthead.

If you haven’t yet fallen into a Simpsons black hole on YouTube, take a look at these nacho tattoos for some inspiration.

Kawaii nachos tattoo by @rachelbaldwintattoo
Microwave nachos tattoo by @j00lie
Ghost and nachos tattoo by @johnny_vampotna
Nacho the dog and nachos tattoo by @nicolereidtattoo
Nacho and queso tattoo by @the_samazonian
Beavis and Butthead and some nachos. Tattoo by @marcustattoos
Loaded nachos tattoo by @janinetattoos
Homer Simpson and his nacho hat. Tattoo by
Kawaii nacho chips and dip tattoo by @olimpiaquartieri
Cheesy nachos tattoo by @marichyl_ender