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Top 10 Hot Dog Tattoos

Continuing on with the junk food start to Food + Drink Month, today is all about hot dog tattoos.

A hot dog is generally associated with the street vendors you see throughout New York City or consumed while enjoying a baseball game. The humble hot dog – a weiner stuffed into a bun – actually originates from Germany but now has many variations around the world

Just as you can add all the toppings to your hot dog or add just one or two condiments, you can keep it tame or go a little wild with the style and theme of your hot dog tattoo.

National Hot Dog Day is coming up on July 23 – fancy getting yourself a tattoo to celebrate?

New school bowling hot dog tattoo by @londonreese

Traditional style dagger and hot dog tattoo by @puritythroughobscurity

Cute and sparkly pizza, hot dog and doughnut tattoos by @robotlovenoises

Neo trad hot dog tattoo by @killroytattooer

Cute hot dog tattoo by @keelyglitters

Neo trad hot dog tattoo by @artbydanielkarlsson

Dinosaur hot dog tattoo by @dannytaylortattoo

Hot dog, fries and soda tattoo by @james_maxwell

Traditional style hot dog tattoo by @jedharwoodtattooer

Hot dog tattoo by @piercedhearts

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