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Top 10 Golden Retriever Tattoos

Golden retrievers have been in the media in recent months due to an online trend┬áto test the theory of “soft mouth”. The challenge involved placing an egg in the dogs mouth, have them hold it there and then release the egg without damaging it. Needless to say the challenge produced both surprising and humorous results.

Golden retrievers received the name retriever due to this “soft mouth” skill and ability to bring ducks and game to the hunters undamaged. The other half of their name obviously came because of their luscious golden coats.

Ranked the fourth-most intelligent dog after the border collie, poodle, and German shepherd,
golden retrievers are kind and friendly to humans, children, dogs and other animals alike – it’s no wonder this breed is so loved.

If your love for golden retrievers is on another level, then maybe a tattoo is on the cards for you. Keep scrolling to gush over these pieces and find some inspiration.


Neo trad golden retriever tattoo by @samanthatattoo

Black and grey realism golden retriever puppy tattoo by @toddbaileytattoo

Stylised golden retriever tattoo by @steven_compton

Colour realism golden retriever tattoo by @kylecotterman

Healed traditional style golden retriever tattoo by @jessyalbertjr

Neo trad golden retriever tattoo by @gentle_jessica

Neo trad golden retriever tattoo by @lillysuetattoo

Trash style golden retriever tattoo by @andrecruztattoo

Stylised neo trad golden retriever tattoo by @stephentattoos

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