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Top 10 Gilmore Girls Tattoos by Harriet Rose Heath (@lonerosetattoo)

Lorelai Gilmore has a special talent of being able to sense/smell when snow is about to fall. Here at LWG, our talent lies in recognising talent in tattooing and showcasing it here on our website.

Harriet Rose Heath – @lonerosetattoo on Instagram – has been featured here many times before (and was even named one of the Top 10 Princesses of Drag Queen Tattoos), but today it’s all about one of our all-time favourite television shows: Gilmore Girls.

From stylised traditional portrait tattoos of the show’s main characters, to more obscure imagery and references – there’s no doubt in our minds that Harriet is the queen of Gilmore Girls tattoos.

We’re hoping this post will lead you to Tooth & Talon in Manchester, England and you’ll follow through by getting a special and custom Gilmore Girls tattoo of your very own.

For more of Harriet’s work, and additional Gilmore Girls tattoos, click here.  

Fall themed Lorelai Gilmore tattoo by @lonerosetattoo
Gilmore Girls inspired traditional tattoo by @lonerosetattoo
The ice cream queen (Rory Gilmore) tattoo by @lonerosetattooo
Gilmore Girls coffee pot tattoo by @lonerosetattoo
Traditional style Luke Danes portrait tattoo by @lonerosetattoo
Gilmore Girls themed tattoo by @lonerosetattoo
Traditional Rory Gilmore tattoo by @lonerosetattoo
Traditional Emily Gilmore portrait tattoo by @lonerosetattoo
Fall themed Gilmore Girls tattoo by @lonerosetattoo
Lorelai Gilmore traditional style tattoo by @lonerosetattoo