Top 10 Cute Booty Tattoos by Carly Baggins

You can get a booty tattoo or a tattoo on your booty, and even a booty tattoo on your own booty. If you just cannot get booty tattoos off your mind then let us introduce you to the work of Carly Baggins.

Located in Perth, Western Australia, Carly produces (predominantly) such cute and colourful tattoo recreations of animals and all your favourite current or childhood pop culture characters.

While we love all of her work. it is Carly’s bold neo trad booty tattoos, which cover a range of themes and ideas, that we want to share with you all today. So, grab a bowl of Booty O’s cereal, sit down, and enjoy checking out some cute and creative booty tattoos by Carly Baggins.

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Rapunzel booty tattoo by @carlybaggins
Harley Quinn booty tattoo by @carlybaggins
‘Straya VB beer booty tattoo by @carlybaggins
Star Wars booty tattoo by @carlybaggins
Care Bears booty tattoo by @carlybaggins
Alice in Wonderland booty tattoo by @carlybaggins
Thor booty tattoo by @carlybaggins
Sailor Moon booty tattoo by @carlybaggins
Nemo booty tattoo by @carlybaggins
Christmas booty tattoo by @carlybaggins

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