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Top 10 Cherry Tattoos


Cherries are a type of stone fruit, of several species, that is native to the Northern Hemisphere. Records of the fruit date back to 72 BC!

The peak season for cherries is the Summer months. It’s currently cherry season here in Australia (and any other Southern Hemisphere country that grows them), but you can make it cherry season all year round by getting yourself a sweet (or sour) cherry tattoo.

Through our research we noticed that traditional, bold cherry tattoos are certainly popular gap filler tattoos, and of course kawaii fruits snuck in there, too. Perhaps you don’t want a simple cherry fruit tattoo: how about a slice of pie, something summery or tropical, or paired with other fruits? Only you can know what you want, but you can definitely use these tattoos to research tattoo artists and to focus your search on a specific style.


Neo trad cherry and mouth tattoo by @sarahktattoo
Traditional cherry tattoo by @needles_tattooing
Sparkly cherry tattoo by @keelyglitters
Cherry tattoo by @steph_sones
Hyper-realism cherry tattoo by @niuniekrock
Traditional cherry tattoo by @juliacampione
Kawaii cherry and rainbow tattoo by @sam.nancy.tattoos

Bold traditional cherry tattoo by @iporkedittattoo

Kawaii cherry tattoo by @tattooyauu
Traditional style cherry tattoo by @jasonwaynetattoo

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