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Top 10 Blueberry Tattoos


Blueberries are a small, round fruit native to North America. Elsewhere in the world, blueberries are a rather newer variety of fruit; blueberries were introduced to Europe less than 100 years ago, followed a few decades later in select Southern Hemisphere countries. Despite all this, Canada and the United States remain leaders, producing 70% of the world’s blueberries.

The popularity and demand for blueberries has increased significantly in recent decades – much like tattoos. If blueberries are your favourite fruit, then these tattoos may persuade you to add some blueberries to your tattoo collection.

Blueberries can’t quite decide what color they want to be; the fruit appears to be blue, but when blended or pureed they could be considered a shade of purple.

To avoid this internal conflict about whether or not blueberries are actually blue, some people have forgone colour and settled on blackwork – linework with dotwork – for their blueberry tattoo. Which style are you leaning towards?


Traditional style blueberry tattoo by @missquartz
Blackwork blueberry tattoo by @herzdame
Blueberry tattoo by @gabbetattooinkarnation
Blackwork blueberry tattoo by @amyjiaotattoo
Traditional blueberry tattoo by @ermanblixt
Neo trad cat and blueberry tattoo by @goksisdead
Blueberry tattoo by @mandy_pants_tattoos
Bold blackwork blueberry tattoo by @herzdame
Neo trad avocado and blueberry tattoo by @javierfranko
Neo trad squirrel and blueberry tattoo by @herdis_tattoo

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