These Tattoos Are Not a Figment of Your Imagination

It appears that it has been too long between Walt Disney World trips (22 years, in fact) because we don’t ever recall seeing this Disney mascot known as Figment.

Found in the Journey into Imagination ride in the Future World section of EPCOT Center, Figment was created by Tony Baxter and Steve Kirkand and first introduced in 1983.

The attraction has undergone various changes in the decades since its launch – with Figment actually removed for several years – but originally Figment was taught by a scientist how to use his imagination. In fact, Figment himself is a figment of the scientist’s imagination as he’s a combination of elements that the scientist saw on his travels.

Outside of EPCOT, Figment appeared in several educational Disney shorts in the ’80s. If only all educational videos featured Disney characters, we’re sure all kids (and even a great deal of adults) would pay attention.

To ensure Figment doesn’t just a remain a memory of past holidays in your mind, get yourself a permanent reminder with a brilliant tattoo.

Figment is a fan of space with aspirations of becoming an astronaut, although he can also been seen dressed in many disguises, including a dancer, a knight and a pirate. You could take inspiration from these costumes, or choose something unrelated in which to dress Figment.

Figment apparently features in a painting in Inside Out – we need to go back and watch the film and see if we can spot it. While we’re busy with that, enjoy these Figment tattoos and all the Disney vibes they provide, as a trip to a Disney park is logistically impossible for so many of us right now.

Figment tattoo by @sanae_kawaii
Stitch wearing Figment ears and enjoying a Frappuccino . Tattoo by @ladychappelletattoos
Tiki bar Figment tattoo by @missmaelaroux
Figment cooking up some Disney treats. Tattoo by @hannahmaitattoo
Traditional Figment x EPCOT tattoo by @tattoosbyshannon
Mickey, Minnie and Figment in space. Tattoo by @missmaelaroux
Figment tattoo by @kadehydrated
Figment tattoo by @missmaelaroux
Tiki room Figment tattoo by @kadehydrated
Figment tattoo by @kadehydrated based on artwork by @thechicks914
Figment tattoo by @tattoosbyjaclyn