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The Top 10 Princesses of Drag Queen Tattoos

Season 11 of RuPaul’s Drag Race has just begun which makes us even more excited to be sharing these tattoos with you.

Originally March was to be Wrestling Month on the lead up to WrestleMania. Upon further research we discovered that there was not sufficient content for the 31 days, so we announced on Instagram that the first half of March will be Drag Queen Month!

Drag queen appreciation tattoos have risen in popularity thanks to television programmes, YouTube shows, and the incredible talent of the queens themselves. The world of tattooing has embraced this new fandom, but none more so than these 10 artists who we have proclaimed the princesses of drag queen tattoos.

This is just a taste of what you can expect to see on LWG over the next two weeks. You’ll have to come back each day for even more amazing content.

@sarahktattoo – Sarah K – Lighthouse Tattoo – Sydney, AUS
@lucybluetattoo – Lucy Blue – Cobra Club Tattoo – Leeds, UK
@paulacastletattoos – Paula Castle – Black Sheep – Bristol, UK
@rachelbaldwintattoo – Rachel Baldwin – Bold as Brass Tattoo Co. – Liverpool, UK
@meganfelltattoo – Megan Fell – So True Tattoo – Peterborough, UK
@lonerosetattoo – Harriet Rose Heath – Tooth & Talon – Manchester, UK
@sophielewistattoos – Sophie Lewis – FLT Tattoo Studio – Newcastle, AUS
@missquartz – Courtney – The Grand Illusion – Melbourne, AUS
@cvhtattoos – Carly V – Lygon St Tattoo Co. – Melbourne, AUS
@littlerachtattoo – Little Rach Tattoo – Luck And Love Tattoo – Darlington, UK

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