The R&H Beer Radio Program: Tattoo Edition (Episodes 6-10)

It’s been a while but, oh my god, we’re back again with the follow up to our original R&H Beer Radio Program post.

It’s become our Tuesday morning tradition to listen to the radio program live as we work on future LWG projects.

Episodes 6 to 10 of the R&H Beer Radio Program have featured the themes of Staten Island, movie soundtracks, cover songs, and down the rabbit hole.

Given how much free time we have outside of LWG, we’ve been keeping ourselves busy by adding ideas to our tattoo wish list – some of these design concepts are inspired by musical artists featured on the radio program. Which of these bands or singers would you get a tattoo of?

Before we go any further, can you name the two songs we referenced above?

Madonna – Papa Don’t Preach

Traditional Madonna tattoo by @lonerosetattoo

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Wu-Tang Clan – C.R.E.A.M.

Hans Moleman wearing a Wu-Tang Clan shirt and carrying a boombox. Tattoo by @matdoestats

Ace Frehley – New York Groove

Ace Frehley kewpie tattoo by @staceymartintattoos

Stevie Nicks – Edge of Seventeen

Dark trash realism Stevie Nicks portrait tattoo by @anrijsstraume

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George Harrison – Got My Mind Set On You

The Beatles – Yellow Submarine inspired tattoo by @rachelbaldwintattoo

Blondie – Heart of Glass

Stylised neo trad Debbie Harry tattoo by @theyoul

David Bowie – Changes

Colour realism David Bowie portrait tattoo by @damon_tattoos

Billy Joel – Miami 2017 (Seen The Lights Go Out On Broadway)

Stylised Billy Joel and piano tattoo by @gibb0o

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Rancid – Time Bomb

Traditional Rancid punk rock girl tattoo by @markstewarttattooer

Doris Day – Dream a Little Dream of Me

Doris Day head vase tattoo by @ericaflannes

My Chemical Romance – Welcome to the Black Parade

Stylised Gerard Way portrait tattoo by @rexteeth

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R.E.M. – End of the World

Blackwork R.E.M. – Man on the Moon inspired tattoo by @gabbievasquezart

Nirvana – Lake of Fire

Kurt Cobain inspired pennyroyal flowers and black onyx ring hand tattoo by @ebony_mellowship

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Bob Dylan – Visions of Johanna

Psychedelic Bob Dylan tattoo by @kreatyves

Ray Parker Jr. – Ghostbusters

Neo trad Ghostbusters tattoo by @robbwild

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Prince – Purple Rain

Healed black and grey Prince portrait tattoo by @anrijsstraume

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Billy Idol – Cradle of Love

Colour realism Billy Idol portrait tattoo by @londonreese

Iggy Pop – Lust for Life

Iggy Pop-sicle tattoo by @krisclosetattoos

Pixies – Where Is My Mind?

Cute Pixies – River Euphrates inspired tattoo by @laura_craver

Lion King – Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata themed The Lion King tattoos by @mana_tattooist

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N.W.A. – Straight Outta Compton

Neo trad Eazy-E split face tattoo by @gibb0o

Simple Minds – Don’t You (Forget About Me)

Faceless double exposure Breakfast Club themed tattoo by @jayjoree

Bruce Springsteen – Streets of Philadelphia

New school Bruce Springsteen tattoo by @samfiorinotattoos

Will Smith – Men in Black

New school Will Smith tattoo by @bulman_tattoons

Beach Boys – God Only Knows

Beach Boys lyrics tattoo by @tonyhennesseytattoo

Elvis – Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain (Original by Willie Nelson)

Neo trad Elvis Presley tattoo by @sarahktattoo

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Willie Nelson – Time After Time (Original by Cyndi Lauper)

Stylised neo trad Cyndi Lauper tattoo by @mileskanne

Alien Ant Farm – Smooth Criminal (Original by Michael Jackson)

Colour realism Michael Jackson portrait tattoo by @stevebutchertattoos

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Ryan Adams – Blank Space (Original by Taylor Swift)

Stylised neo trad Taylor Swift tattoo by @earthgrasper

Johnny Cash – Hurt (Original by Nine Inch Nails)

Neo trad Johnny Cash and rose tattoo by @raquel_tattoofreaks

Fiona Apple – Better Version of Me

Healed black and grey Fiona Apple with an octopus on her head. Tattoo by @_sandra.o

Tupac – California Love

Colour realism Tupac portrait tattoo by @alex_rattray_ink

Motley Crue – Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go)

Motley Crue - Theatre of Pain cover art inspired tattoo by @jimmyduvall

Edie Brickell & New Bohemians – What I Am

(was covered by Tin Tin Out + Emma Bunton aka. Baby Spice in 1999)

Kawaii Spice Girls tattoo by @tattoosbymeri

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We’ll be back in a few weeks time with part three (episodes 11-15) of our tattoo companion for the R&H Beer Radio Program.


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