Harry Potter

Ravenclaw Tattoo Inspiration

The Sorting Hat selects members of Ravenclaw if they possess wit, wisdom, and an eagerness to learn. Does this sound like you? Are you a Harry Potter fan? Do you like tattoos? If you answered ‘yes’ to all three questions then, perhaps, you should be considering adding a Ravenclaw themed tattoo to your collection.  

The eagle – an iconic image in American traditional tattooing – is the animal emblem for Ravenclaw House; however, don’t let that influence your tattoo style of choice. Think about the element of air, the House colours of blue and bronze, and what else you love about Harry Potter; the snow globe tattoo below is a good example of how to amalgamate ideas. 

Those in Ravenclaw are proud of their original ideas – remember that when planning your own tattoo. 


Neo trad Ravenclaw tattoo by @jawtattoos
Decorative neo trad Ravenclaw inspired Hogwarts snow globe tattoo by @saralonitattoo
Cute neo trad Ravenclaw Sorting Hat tattoo by @unicornglitterblaster
Neo trad Sorting Hat and Ravenclaw tattoo by @m_widastattoos
Neo trad Ravenclaw Sorting Hat tattoo by @jawtattoos
Deocrative neo tra Ravenclaw themed tiara tattoo by @georgiietattoos
Abstract watercolour Ravenclaw tattoo by @findyoursmile

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