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Radish Tattoo Inspiration


We’ve featured mainly fruits so far during Fruit + Vegetable month, and there’s no denying that people love something sweet, but we’ve still got plenty of vegetable themed posts to come in January. Today on LWG we’re featuring radish tattoos.

Radishes are a type of root vegetable and are generally consumed raw, although they are also used in cooking like other root vegetables. They have a sharp flavour and come in many varieties, but it is theĀ daikon radish that is prevalent in Asian cuisine.

Radishes do have colourful exteriors, but most (aside from the watermelon radish) have white flesh. You couldĀ compare radishes to tattooed people: we’re colourful on the outside, but on the inside we’re just like everyone else and shouldn’t be judged any different.

Sure, radishes aren’t the most common choice for a vegetable tattoo, but we have managed to put together this selection which features a range of styles and some cute and funny themes. Get scrolling and enjoy!


Neo trad radish tattoo by @tanvandenbroek
Kawaii radish tattoo by @keelyglitters
New school stylised father and daughter radishes doing kung fu. Tattoo by @joshpeacock_obe
Illustrative carrots and radishes tattoo by @amandaabbotttattoo
Radish tattoo by @meredithlittlesky
Watermelon radish tattoo by @chuck_g_tattoos

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