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Pop Culture Mashup Tattoos by Jon Leighton

What’s better than one pop culture tattoo? One featuring references to two different characters.

Jon Leighton is owner of Fallen Crow tattoo in Murrieta, California where he produces bold pop culture tattoos with flawless colour saturation. In his Instagram feed you’ll find tattoos from a wide variety of fandoms such as Star Wars, Disney, animation (Nickelodeon, The Simpsons), Rick and Morty, along with some Halloween themed pieces and even characters as popsicles.

Whether you’re limited on skin space, just want a single piece (with no intention of covering your entire body), or want to feature as many of your interests as possible, consider getting yourself a mashup tattoo. We’re sure with his talent, Jon could create an incredibly creative piece of your chosen characters.

Once you’re done looking at these tattoos, click here to view more of Jon’s work that has been featured on LWG in the past.

Darth Vader x Invader Zim tattoo by @jonleightontattoo
Pikachu x Deadpool tattoo by @jonleightontattoo
Haunted Mansion x Beetlejuice tattoo by @jonleightontattoo
Morty x Marty McFly tattoo by @jonleightontattoo
Stranger Things x Ghostbusters tattoo by @jonleightontattoo
Homer Simpson x Hunter S. Thompson tattoo by @jonleightontattoo
Healed Nightmare Before Christmas x The Little Mermaid tattoo by @jonleightontattoo
Boba Fett x Gir (Invader Zim) tattoo by @jonleightontattoo
Haunted Mansion x Bart Simpson tattoo by @jonleightontattoo
Princess Leia x Ariel tattoo by @jonleightontattoo


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