Tattoo Artist Profile

Perfectly Cute Pop Culture Tattoos by Little Rach

In the kawaii scene there are so many artists out there tattooing colourful, sparkly, and down right adorable tattoos – from the small to the larger pieces, and even entire sleeves. One of our favourites, and another addition to our Tattoo Artist Profile series, is Little Rach who works at Luck and Love Tattoo, a private studio in Darlington, England.

Aside from featuring in 50 posts on LWG, we last highlighted the talent of Little Rach when we named her as one of the Princesses of Drag Queen Tattoos. You won’t find your favourite queen in the tattoos we’ve selected, but you might see your favourite pop culture character.

We believe that there’s no age limit or specified time frame as to when you’re supposed to stop enjoying cutesy things, bright or pastel colours, or extremely glitter items. Even if they’re marketed towards a younger demographic, it doesn’t mean that people of all ages can’t enjoy the likes of Disney and Pixar films, anime or any kind of animation, or even kawaii characters created by the likes of Sanrio or tokidoki.

Embrace your love for any and all kawaii things and express it permanently with a tattoo from Little Rach.

Rainbow Brite tattoo by @littlerachtattoo
Kewpie Morticia and Gomez Addams tattoo by @littlerachtattoo
Sissy That Walk (RuPaul’s Drag Race) love heart tattoo by @littlerachtattoo
Kawaii Pascal (Tangled) tattoo by @littlerachtattoo
Louise Belcher sparkly love heart tattoo by @littlerachtattoo
Pusheen cupcake tattoo by @littlerachtattoo
Cute Deadpool riding a unicorn tattoo by @littlerachtattoo
Baby Dory sparkly love heart tattoo by @littlerachtattoo
Mickey Mouse waffle on a kawaii dagger. Tattoo by @littlerachtattoo
Sparkly and floral Game Boy and Pikachu tattoo by @littlerachtattoo


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