Tattoo Inspo

Patterned Fabric Inspired Tattoos

Tattoos are a fashion statement in themselves, enabling us to decorate our bodies in any which way we please – whether that be just one or a couple of small, delicate pieces, or going all out and working towards a full body suit.

When we remove our clothes, we’re naked aside from our tattoos, but what if you want clothing or fabric to remain in some way? Get a patterned fabric tattoo, of course.

Leopard print, gingham, tartan, and plaid can already be found in tattoo form, but how about some polka dots, herringbone, stripes, or even Missoni’s iconic zig-zag pattern?

The tattoo could be craft or sewing themed; a clothed person or pin-up; the inside of a shape (love heart or logo); or something more abstract. The concept may be inspired by a film, sport, a passion for fashion, or your heritage (Scottish tartan) and a national dress.

Collaborate with your chosen tattoo artist to design a patterned fabric tattoo that you’ll find fashionable for decades to come.

Neo trad gingham print love heart tattoo by @ebony_mellowship
Tattooed gal in tartan trousers. Tattoo by @lonerosetattoo
Cher’s iconic yellow plaid skirt tattoo by @alexrowntreetattoo
Patterned love heart tattoos by @keelyglitters
Tartan tattoo by @rizza_boo
Fierce leopard print clad pin-up tattoo by @daniqueipo
Plaid Ironman Triathlon logo tattoo by @rizza_boo
Abstract plaid rose love heart tattoo by @chelseytattoos
Leopard print swimsuit babe tattoo by @lonerosetattoo