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Passion Fruit Tattoo Inspiration


The passion fruit is native to South America, although is now cultivated in many other countries with tropical climates – Australia being one of them. The passion fruit has a tart, sweet pulp with lots of black seeds. The leaves of the vine and the fruit are used to make tea, cordial, in desserts, atop pavlova, or eaten as is.

There are many varieties of passion fruit, but even more names for this particular fruit. The South American yellow passion fruit is also known as sweet granadilla or grenadia. The purple passion fruit is called maracuyá or parcha in Spanish, and grenadille or fruit de la passion in French.

A passion fruit may represent your homeland, a holiday you took, or childhood memories. As someone lucky enough to grow-up with a passion fruit vine in my backyard, there was nothing I loved more than eating a bowl of strawberries and passion fruit. If there’s one fruit I’ll ever get tattooed on me, it is probably this one.

Very few passion fruit tattoos can be found on Instagram, so if you add one to your collection, be sure to tag us!


Kawaii passion fruit tattoo by @lauristica_ilustradatattoo
Blackwork passion fruit tattoo by @eddylou
Neo trad passion fruit tattoo by @njvanvidlertattooer

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