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New + Updated Posts: February 2021

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21 Love Heart Tattoos for Valentine’s Day 2021

Neo trad bird, ribbon love heart and flowers tattoo by @abbiewilliamstattoo

A Clue! A Clue! A ‘Blue’s Clues’ Tattoo!

Blue’s Clues tattoo by @artkaylarose

Scary Terry Tattoos That Will Make You Say “Aww, Bitch.” 

Scarry Terry, Rick and Morty universe tattoo by @bexlowetattoos

Top 10 Tattoos Inspired by Adam Sandler Films

Two Billy Madison themed tattoos by @josh_todaro

Top 8 Cruella de Vil Tattoos

Kawaii Cruella de Vil tattoo by @sanae_kawaii

Top 15 ‘101 Dalmatians’ Tattoos

Perdita and Pongo dalmatian print decorative love heart tattoo by @tattoosbyjaclyn


Ferris Wheel Tattoo Inspiration

Santa Monica Pier and ferris wheel double exposure skull tattoo by @samkanetattoo

Top 15 Pompompurin Tattoos

Traditional style sparkly Pompompurin tattoo by @cornkisser

Top 15 ‘Home Alone’ Tattoos

Tim Curry as the concierge in Home Alone 2. Tattoo by @amyedwardstattoo

Ring Pop Tattoo Inspiration

Kawaii swirl lolly, ring pop and candy floss love heart tattoo by @roxyrydertattoo

Top 15 Beyoncé Tattoos

Colour realism Beyonce portrait tattoo by @liviatsang

Top 8 Ghoul Power Tattoos

Another ghoul power tattoo by @lucybluetattoo

Top 45 Gudetama Tattoos

Gudetama tattoo by @sanyyyo

Top 25 Fig Tattoos

New school fig tattoo by @timmy_b_413

Top 100 Baby Yoda Tattoos

Baby Yoda tattoo by @tallsarahtattoos

Top 15 Piñata Tattoos

Bold matching friends piñata tattoo (1 of 2) by @missquartz

Top 40 Poison Apple Tattoos

Poison apple Disney mouse ears tattoo by @mikereedtattoo

Top 8 Angry Beavers Tattoos

Angry Beavers tattoo by @curtisaldrich

Top 55 Freddie Mercury Tattoos

Traditional sassy Freddie Mercury tattoo by @brooketattooer

‘The Nanny’ Tattoo Inspiration

Traditional Nanny pinup tattoo by @missquartz

Top 7 General Grievous Tattoos

Colour realism General Grievous tattoo by @audie_tattoos

Top 13 ‘Casper the Friendly Ghost’ Tattoos

Casper afraid of a black cat on Friday the 13th. Tattoo by @amytrouble

Top 35 “I Want to Break Free” Themed Freddie Mercury Tattoos

Stylised neo trad Freddie Mercury tattoo by @goksisdead

Top 40 ‘The Office’ Tattoos

The Office themed lucky rabbit foot tattoo by @lizglitztattoo

Top 10 Northern Lights Tattoos

Floral Northern Lights tattoo by @helenadarling

Top 10 ‘Donnie Darko’ Tattoos

New school Donnie Darko tattoo by @kellydotylovessoup

Top 15 Stone Cold Steve Austin Tattoos

Stone Cold Steve Austin Finger Butt tattoo by @nathanfishtattoo

Top 55 Freddie Mercury Tattoos

Black and grey Freddie Mercury tattoo by @ali_burke_tattoo

Top 40 ‘Alien’ Themed Tattoos

Colour realism Xenomorph tattoo by @thealexwright

Top 20 Dachshund Tattoos

Neo trad dachshund tattoo by @clareclarity

Top 30 Undertaker Tattoos + Paul Bearer Tattoo Inspiration

Colour realism Undertaker and Paul Bearer tattoo by @laurajane_ink

Top 13 Robin Williams Tattoos

Robin Williams x Mrs Doubtfire tattoo by @guendouglas

Top 20 Dole Whip Tattoos

Disney Dole Whip tattoo by @jawtattoos

George Michael Tribute Tattoos

Black and grey George Michael portrait tattoo by @kerriosullivan_tattoos

These Tattoos Are Not a Figment of Your Imagination

Figment tattoo by @missmaelaroux

Killer ‘Among Us’ Tattoos

Among Us tattoo by @sanyyyo