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New + Updated Posts: December 2020

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Fancy and Floral Food Tattoos by Isobel Morton

Hot cross bun tattoo by @isobelmortontattoo

‘Harry Potter’, Halloween and Healed Tattoos by Kira Bishop

Flying key tattoo by @kirabishoppp

Pop Culture Mashup Tattoos by Jon Leighton

Morty x Marty McFly tattoo by @jonleightontattoo

‘Sister Act’ Tattoo Inspiration

Whoopi Goldberg (Sister Act) tattoo by @goksisdead

Top 5 ‘Cow and Chicken’ Tattoos

Cow and Chicken tattoo by @ikostattoo

Cannoli Tattoo Inspiration

Traditional style cannoli hand tattoo by @abixbytattoo

LWG’s Fave Bubblegum Trad Tattoos by Brooklyn

Raccoon meme x Smashing Pumpkins ‘Bullet With Butterfly Wings’ tattoo by @bklynbeee

From Pups to Pop Culture: The Incredible Colour Realism Tattoos of David Corden

Colour realism Mr Humphries (Are You Being Served) portrait tattoo by @davidcorden

The ‘Impractical Jokers’ Show You What Not to Do When You See People With (Bad) Tattoos

Perfectly Cute Pop Culture Tattoos by Little Rach

Cute Deadpool riding a unicorn tattoo by @littlerachtattoo

Top 15 Dole Whip Tattoos

Neo trad Dole Whip tattoo by @jawtattoos

Top 10 Tattoos Inspired by Your Favourite Christmas Films

The Nightmare Before Christmas cupcake tattoo by @tattoosbyjaclyn

These Tattoos Are Not a Figment of Your Imagination

Figment tattoo by @missmaelaroux

‘Mean Girls’ x Christmas Tattoos

Neo trad Regina ‘Fugly Slut’ George tattoo by @lucybluetattoo

Christmas Tattoos to Keep You in the Festive Spirit All Year Long

Grinch cat tattoo by @iris_lys

LWG’s Favourite Meme Tattoos

You’ll Regret This When You’re Older. SpongeBob tattoo by @whisperstattoo

Top 30 ‘Wonder Woman’ Tattoos

Colour realism Wonder Woman portrait tattoo by @kristiankimonides

Banana Split Tattoo Inspiration

Neo trad banana split tattoo by @ebony_mellowship

Top 10 Duffy and Friends Tattoos

Halloween themed Duffy tattoo by @hannahmaitattoo

‘Moulin Rouge’ Tattoo Inspiration

Stylised neo trad Moulin Rouge tattoo by @abbiewilliamstattoo


Top 6 Moe Szyslak Tattoos

Moe Szyslak tattoo by @bklynbeee on fellow tattooer @mfcunnington

‘Untitled Goose Game’ Inspired Tattoos

Untitled Goose Game tattoo by @suskitattoos

Top 15 Marshmallow Tattoos

Pastel marshmallow tattoo by @littlerachtattoo

Top 15 Pancake Tattoos

Fat stack of pancakes tattoo by @kylevanstattoo

Top 10 Cute Krampus Tattoos

Cute Krampus tattoo by @kirabishoppp

Spoopy Makeup Tattoo Inspiration

Traditional spoopy lipstick and love heart tattoo by @fakelegfoxtattoo

Top 10 Cinnamon Roll Tattoos

Cinnamon roll x bunny = cinnabunny. Tattoo by @skylar_rose_art

Top 14 ‘Home Alone’ Tattoos

Tim Curry as the concierge in Home Alone 2. Tattoo by @amyedwardstattoo

Top 8 ‘Legally Blonde’ Tattoos

“You got into Harvard Law?” Elle Woods tattoo by @lonerosetattoo

Brr! It’s Cold In Here! I Said There Must Be Some ‘Bring It On’ Tattoos In The Atmosphere!

Bring It On themed love heart tattoo by @hanahelizabethtattoo

Top 125 ‘Animal Crossing’ Tattoos

Mabel and Sable (Animal Crossing) sisters tattoos by @nikii_neko_tattoo

Top 10 Oreo Tattoos

Oreo tattoo by @meredithtattoo

Top 10 ‘Animal Crossing’ x Halloween Tattoos

Animal Crossing x Halloween tattoo by @melvin_arizmendi

Top 55 ‘Coraline’ Tattoos

Healed blackwork Coraline tattoo by @gabbievasquezart

Top 25 Macaron Tattoos

Macaron with a cherry on to tattoo by @ashleyluka

Top 25 Gerard Way + My Chemical Romance Tattoos

Danger Days (My Chemical Romance) tattoo by @kylevanstattoo

Gummy Venus de Milo Tattoo Inspiration

Homer Simpson and gummy Venus de Milo tattoo by @whisperstattoo

Bubble Bath Tattoo Inspiration

Beast enjoying a bubble bath. Tattoo by @keelyglitters

Top 15 Titanic Tattoos

Traditional style Titanic tattoo by @shannontattooer

Top 8 Madonna Tattoos

’80s Madonna tattoo by @keelyglitters

Cannoli Tattoo Inspiration

Kawaii cannoli tattoo by @kellymcgrathart

Top 15 Pumpkin Spice Tattoos

Neo trad fall inspired pumpkin spice latte tattoo by @mollyloutattoo

Lush Cosmetics Tattoo Inspiration

Lush Cosmetics Tattoo Inspiration

Top 20 Porg Tattoos

New school Chewbacca and Porgs tattoo by @lindsaybugbaker

Top 20 Balloon Animal Tattoos

Rainbow balloon dog tattoo by @kirabishoppp

Top 85 Baby Yoda Tattoos

Cute Baby Yoda tattoo by @ali_burke_tattoo

Top 15 Christmas Tree + Ornament Tattoos

Traditional style Christmas tree tattoo by @matthewlimberstattoo

‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’ Tattoo Inspiration

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation tattoo by @shaemotztattoos

Top 10 Die Hard Tattoos

Colour realism Die Hard movie poster tattoo by @thealexwright

Top 40 Krampus Tattoos

Krampus tattoo reworked from a vintage postcard. Tattoo by @moira.ramone

Top 5 Gremlins Christmas Tattoos

Neo trad Gizmo Christmas tattoo by @ebony_mellowship

Top 60 Daria Tattoos

Daria and Sick, Sad World logo tattoo by @meredithtattoo

Top 15 Mrs. Doubtfire Tattoos

Traditional style Mrs Doubtfire tattoo by @jenn_matthews

Top 10 ’10 Things I Hate About You’ Tattoos

10 Things I Hate About You love heart tattoo by @nicolereidtattoo

Top 20 Candy Cane Tattoos

Traditional style candy cane tattoo by @jenn_matthews

Top 30 Grinch Tattoos

Grinch tattoo collab by @samanta_tattoo and @tattooartkarlsruhe

Top 15 Santa Claus Tattoos

Another Santa tattoo by @staceymartintattoos

Top 15 Christmas Nutcrackers Tattoos

Bart Simpson Nutcracker tattoo by @silkywilsontattoos

Top 20 Reindeer Tattoos

Kewpie reindeer and Santa tattoo by @attackofthe50footwoman

Top 15 Champagne Tattoos

Neo trad hand and glass of champagne tattoo by @ebony_mellowship

Top 20 Mick Foley Tattoos

The Three Faces of Foley. Cactus Jack, Mankind and Dude Love themed tattoo by @paulacastletattoos