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‘Mean Girls’ x Halloween Tattoos

Is three posts featuring the tattoos inspired by Mean Girls two too many? We say no.

If you’re a frequent visitor to LWG then you’ve probably seen our list of the Top 70 Mean Girls Tattoos and Mean Girls x Christmas Tattoos that we published late last year. We’re missing the spooky season so we thought we’d put together a collection of all the Mean Girls x Halloween tattoos we’ve found.

There’s nine tattoos in total, with Karen and her mouse costume a clear favourite, and a couple of Hocus Pocus mashups included. We’d love to see a tattoo of Kady in her actually scary Halloween costume, or one of Gretchen in her cat outfit.

Which theme will you select for your Mean Girls tattoo?

Stylised Karen tattoo by @paulacastletattoos
Neo trad Regina George in her Halloween costume. Tattoo by @lucybluetattoo
Hocus Pocus x Mean Girls Burn Book tattoo by @brittxwhitman
Mean Girls ghost tattoo by @ginnymarietattoos
Cute and sparkly Mean Girls themed love hearts tattoo by @dollytattoos
Mean Girls x Hocus Pocus tattoo by @brittxwhitman
Neo trad tattooed Karen from Mean Girls tattoo by @gabbievasquezart
Boo, you whore. Mean Girls x Halloween tattoo by @xinaxiii
Sparkly Mean Girls tattoo by @cocoblaccink