Star Wars

May the Force Be With You All Year Long: LWG’s Guide to the Galaxy’s Best ‘Star Wars’ Tattoos

It’s May the 4th and this year we’ve put together the definitive list of the galaxy’s best Star Wars tattoos. No longer do you have to trawl through tens of thousands of images on Instagram because the best Star Wars tattoos can be found right here.

May the force be with you and guide you to find the perfect tattoo artist.

Click on each article title to see all of the incredible tattoos we’ve curated just for you!

Top 40 ‘Star Wars’ Themed Tattoos

Colour realism Ben Solo/Kylo Ren tattoo by @michael_litovkin_tattoo

Top 20 Porg Tattoos

Top 35 Yoda Tattoos

Neo trad yellow rose and Yoda tattoo by @inkbear

Top 15 Boba Fett Tattoos

Neo trad Boba Fett tattoo by @pony_tbr

Top 15 Kylo Ren Tattoos

Colour realism Kylo Ren tattoo by @khailtattooer

Top 15 Luke Skywalker Tattoos

Colour realism Luke Skywalker tattoo by @davidcorden

Laugh At These Yoda Tattoos, You Will

Neo trad Run DMC Jedi Master Jay Yoda tattoo by @jeffsaunderstattoo

Darth Sidious Tattoo Inspiration

Colour realism Darth Sidious tattoo by @evanolintattoo

Top 5 Jabba the Hutt Tattoos

Colour realism Jabba the Hutt tattoo by @drewshurtleff

Top 10 Rebel Alliance Symbol Tattoos

Sketchy watercolour Rebel Alliance tattoo by @yeraytattoo

Top 5 Bossk Tattoos

Neo trad Bossk tattoo by @mileskanne

Imperial Guard Tattoo Inspiration

Neo trad Imperial Guard tattoo by @pony_tbr

Greedo Tattoo Inspiration

Mint condition Greedo toy tattoo by @aaronpeterstattoo

Top 15 Darth Maul Tattoos

Graphic neo trad Darth Maul tattoo by @perjtattoo

Top 15 Chewbacca Tattoos

New school Chewbacca tattoo by @jeremiahtattoo

Top 7 General Grievous Tattoos

General Grievous tattoo by @tallsarahtattoos

Top Padmé Amidala Tattoos

Colour realism Padmé Amidala tattoo by @fatimaoliveiratattoo

15 Chewbacca Tattoos With Atti-Chewed

Hawaiian shirt clad Chewbacca tattoo by @flying.chameleon

Top 15 C-3PO Tattoos

Colour realism C-3PO tattoo by @pochtattoos

Top 20 R2-D2 Tattoos

Bold graphic R2-D2 tattoo by @mambotattooer

Top 15 BB-8 Tattoos

Neo trad BB8 tattoo by @royal_oil_art

Top 35 Lightsaber Tattoos

Neo trad Luke Skywalker lightsaber tattoo by @dealeroflifelongregrets

Top 35 Princess Leia Tattoos

Cute neo trad Princess Leia tattoo by @jawtattoos

Top 10 Han Solo Tattoos

Neo trad Han Solo trapped in Carbonite tattoo by @xastontattoox

Top 20 Ewok Tattoos

Traditional style Ewok tattoo by @jon_ftw

Top 10 Admiral Ackbar Tattoos

Colour realism Admiral Ackbar tattoo by @benjaminlaukis

Top 10 Rey Tattoos

Colour realism Rey tattoo by @londonreese

Tauntaun Tattoo Inspiration

Traditional style Tauntaun tattoo by @derickmontez

Obi-Wan Kenobi Tattoo Inspiration

Colour realism Obi-Wan Kenobi tattoo by @garyparisi

Top 10 Millennium Falcon Tattoos

Top 8 Han Solo + Princess Leia Tattoos

Colour realism Han Solo and Princess Leia portrait tattoos by @nikkohurtado

Wampa Tattoo Inspiration

New school Wampa tattoo by @scottymunster

AT-AT Walker Tattoo Inspiration

Neo trad snow globe AT-AT tattoo by @stickypop

Top 10 K-2SO Tattoos

Neo trad K-2SO tattoo by @jeffreywortham

Top 30 Silly and Strange ‘Star Wars’ Tattoos

Egyptian mummy themed Stormtrooper tattoo by @perjtattoo

Top 30 Stormtrooper Tattoos

Colour realism Stormtrooper tattoo by @paulmarino917

Top 5 Jar Jar Binks Tattoos

Colour realism Jar Jar Binks tattoo by @jonotattoos

Top 10 X-wing Starfighter Tattoos

Neo trad X-wing Starfighter and Millennium Falcon silhouette tattoo by @andrewjohnsmith

‘Star Wars’ Crossover Tattoos

Rey styled My Little Pony and BB-8 tattoo by @leahmoule

Funny Darth Vader Tattoos

Lego Darth Vader tattoo by @seangardnerisawesome

Top 10 Death Star Tattoos

Neo trad Death Star tattoo by @erinodea

Top 30 Darth Vader Tattoos

Neo trad stylised Darth Vader tattoo by @greenbaybully

Top 10 TIE Fighter Tattoos

Painterly colour realism TIE Fighter and X-wing tattoo by @kevinfurnesstattoo

20 Cute ‘Star Wars’ Tattoos

Cute and sparkly Chewbacca, Carrie Fisher’s dog with Leia buns, and R2-D2 tattoo by @honestlydear

Top 100 Baby Yoda Tattoos

Baby Yoda love heart tattoo by @megan_massacre