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Mango Tattoo Inspiration


The mango is a stone fruit¬†native to South Asia that is now grown on every continent, with Antarctica being the exception, of course. Mangoes are more than just fruit for consumption – Pakistan and India both classify the mango as their country’s national fruit,¬†and it is the national tree of Bangladesh.

Aside from being devoured in their natural state, mangoes are prominent in both sweet and savoury recipes, especially in Indian cuisine. What’s your favourite way to enjoy mango: chutney, drinks, jelly, dried, pickled, or in a curry?

Millions of tonnes of mangoes are produced every year, however this popularity has yet to infiltrate the world of tattooing. So, if you love love love mangoes then man, you need to go and book a tattoo appointment immediately!


Mango and dagger tattoo by @melikovacs
Neo trad mango tattoo by @katreenr
Mango cover-up tattoo by @melaniemilnetattoos
Mango tattoo by @marcpellan
Neo trad mango tattoo by @katherinemagnetic
Kawaii pineapple, mango and watermelon tattoo by @tattoosbymeri
Bat and mango tattoo by @munktattoos
Mango and raspberry tattoos by @ebony_mellowship
Colour realism mango tattoo by @tolik_gaidamovic

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