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Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo Tattoo Inspiration


Major Mitchell’s cockatoo is an Australian bird species named after Scottish explorer, Major Sir Thomas Mitchell;¬†its scientific name (Lophochroa leadbeateri) commemorates Benjamin Leadbeater, a British naturalist.

Another colourful member of the cockatoo family,¬†Major Mitchell’s cockatoo has pink and white plumage, and a raise of its crest reveals bright red and yellow stripes.

Found in more arid areas of inland Australia, the bird’s population is not as widespread as its other colourful counterpart, the galah.

Cockatoos in captivity can live as long as humans – Cookie, a zoo resident in Chicago lived until 83 years of age – however, due to changes in their habitat, Major Mitchell’s cockatoo is listed as a vulnerable or threatened species.

Major Mitchell’s cockatoo also happens to be quite rare in the tattooed population; consider adding one to your native Australia flora and fauna sleeve.


Neo trad Major Mitchell’s cockatoo tattoo by @sarahktattoo
Neo trad Major Mitchell’s cockatoo tattoo by @carly.kawaii
Illustrative Major Mitchell’s cockatoo tattoo by @drea.darling


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